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Why do the top songsters find themselves away from home in August?

Just imagine how sad our diaspora would be without their favorite Kaiso stars to see live.

So, here are our favorite pics of King Dice, Scrunter, Ophelia, Fredos and Tasha P performing their hits MC'd by the famous Matt Peltier..

On behalf of his country Dominica, Hunter was selected to participate, among giants in the calypso arena in Trinidad, in the soca monarch competition of the world where he reached the semifinals. With his energetic style and pulsating soca rhythmic melodies De Hunter continues to dominate the stage throughout the region with stunning performances in St.Lucia, Antigua, the French West Indies, the Virgin Islands, London, and the United States. Derick St.Rose - Hunter - by calypso name, rose to fame after a mere four years of competition in Dominica. De Hunter as he is most popularly known, comes from clifton, in the north of Dominica, ...

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