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5 Songs Everyone In Dominica Should Be Playing.

As we delve deeper into the party season on the island of Dominica, we have compiled a list of five sons which we believe every Dominican should be playing. These songs have made our top five list for one or more reasons and are songs guaranteed to be loved by all.

5.     Wok Sok – “Tomato Burst Poof”

The ability to transcend the age barriers is a key element to Wok Sok’s entertaining songs. Youngsters and the older folk alike can listen and enjoy them to a similar degree.

4.     Young Bull – “Large Lang Mwen”

21 years in the Calypso music industry might be a record in this genre.  Young Bull’s release this year proves he is still at the top of his game.

3.     King Dice – “Time for Change”

Dice’s new song delivers a serious message. Albeit one that you may not side with, this message of change has already become a mantra on the island.

2.     Triple Kay – “One Chance”

Triple Kay’s songs that will probably be around for quite some time, and will be sure to keep us jamming throughout and during the time that they are around. What has also made these songs pique our interest is the fact that they are easily identifiable. From the time the intro music of these songs has begun, we already know what is to come.

1.     Fanatik – “Shake Me Bambalam”

Fanatik’s songs have not only made their mark on the island of Dominica, but has the potential to be played in different countries throughout the region due to their melody, musical composition, rhythm and rhyme.