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7 Reasons Every Musician Should Think Like Drake

drake hip hop rnbEvery musician should watch the MTV documentary “Drake: Better Than Good Enough”. The show takes you behind the scenes of Drakes career revealing his work and life philosophy. Here are seven tips from Drake’s career you can start using today.

1.  Never stop improving.

Drake takes vocal classes to improve his technique and was amazed to learn that Denzel Washington still takes acting classes.  “Who could tell Denzel how to act better?”  Even one small take away from a class or course makes you better than before.

2.  Build your dream team.

“My career would be over if 40 (my producer) was gone”.  Drake relies heavily on 40, who acts as a road manager, producer, engineer and best friend.   As a team they energize, strategize and keep each other going when things get tough.  You can’t do it all yourself, and even if you could, it’s not as  fun as with partners.

3.  Dont jump at the first deal.

Drake didn’t snap up the first deal offered but waited until Lil Wayne offered him exactly what he wanted.  He believed in himself so much that he didn’t settle for less.

4. Get your music online.

Drake first got his music on Myspace after the advice of a friend.  Fans could listen and more importantly, he could track the number of plays of his songs, gauging the interest of fans for particular songs.  He also compared his plays per day to similar artists and found he had more plays than they did, giving him collateral in deal negotiations.

5.  Make every performance your best.

Drake understands that the most important part of an artist is commanding the crowd and carrying a performance. “I had a bad habit of looking down at the ground when I performed, people started talking about it”. Now he makes constant eye contact with his fans, making them feel more engaged. In a room full of thousands of people Drake pretends he’s talking to one person, creating an intimate feel.

6.  Focus on Lyrics

Undoubtedly the most important aspect in any song are the lyrics, which play a huge part in Drakes songs on a personal level.   He writes about real life experiences along with the people involved.

7.  Be Yourself

The only way to stand out in a crowd is to be yourself.   Drake ends up sounding unique and fresh by modeling after no one.  Fans flock to artists who are new and different which clearly explains Drakes current success.

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    This is really good advice for artists, especially the young and emerging ones. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to an industry that is so subjective, but artists could help themselves and find out where their inadequacies are by looking at how other people did theirs.

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    I don’t ever think about it because everyone else in the band is older than me, a lot of my friends are older, so I’ve always just been around older crowds. …

  • Linkin Park to Drake. A Perfect Circle to Keith Urban. I think every member of the band listens to more music than one could possibly list. …

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