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7 Signs That You’re Not Cut Out For Calypso

Do we ever ponder on what it takes to become a great calypsonian?

Well, there are a myriad of signs and signals that tip us off to the old adage that, not every talent is meant for everyone. Let’s explore 7 signs that you may not be cut out for calypso.

1. Your song lacks melody

Chances are, your calypso will not make the cut without this. It can sometimes be a tricky task to find a sweet melody that hooks the listener but this is of utmost importance.

2. Your calypso lacks groove

Groove begs the question of whether people able to understand the musical beat of your music? Does it make them move to and fro? Or does it more or less just keep them with their backs to the wall?  Whether up tempo or social commentary, your calypso has to have a unique “Rhythm” to keep the crowd interested.

3. Boring, unemotional lyrics

If you sing calypso and your lyrics do not make sense, chances are you are not meant to sign calypso.  Are you singing lyrics that trigger an emotional response in the listener? If not, you have probably not made an impact on your target audience.

4. Unimpressive stage presence

Do you move when you perform? If not, then some would be quick to argue that you possess no stage presence, and therefore should not be singing calypso. If you fail to engage the crowd or leave a memorable impression on the minds of those who seen you on stage, sadly to say, you are probably not meant to sing this genre of music.

5. Weak voice

Your voice?  Some persons think that they have what it takes to sing calypsos, but many times their voice implies otherwise. It is not necessary to have an opera singer’s voice in order to sing to the calypso beats, nevertheless it is important to have a powerful unique voice.

6. No Crowd Response

One of the most influential and tell-tale signs of whether or not you are meant to sing calypso is the public’s view of your songs, and the amount of air play which your calypsos generate. As harsh as it may seem, if your songs are not being requested over and over again, chances are you are not cut out for the calypso game.

7. Confusing Musical Arrangement

Sadly, if your calypso’s musical arrangement is not memorable, you are probably not mean to sing this type of music either.

The good part though is that this is a skill that can be continuously improved and ultimately mastered.  With vocal assistance, amiable lyrics, a willingness to improve and a desire to succeed, you will make it.

Let us know in the comments below what you think makes a great calypso song.