A Few Things About Porgie & Murda You May Not Have Known.


The “Benup” Duo, Porgie and Murda from Barbados, has some new songs rocking the air waves.

Are you a soca music lover, a fanatic of Caribbean music or just generally interested in all kinds of interesting music genres? If you are, you should sample out the new songs released just a few days back by the team, also known as Lead Pipe & Saddis. The group consists of two budding musical artists who’s style is as just as flamboyant as the duo and perhaps this explains why their music is so captivating to their fans.

Music to some is not just a career but a lifestyle. This duo is a good example of a band that eats lives and breathes music. In case you are wondering just what their music is all about, visit this link and download their new songs like, “Condense” for your own listening pleasure. Do not let others tell you about an amazing experience that you can personally get experience yourself.

With So Many Bands Releasing New Hits All Over The Place, What Makes This Group Stand Out?

There are many reasons that could be attracting too many fans to this duo. Musically and theatrically, they are so talented it makes many people wonder where they have been all this time. It’s no wonder the Bajan fans just love them.

  • Their performances are both captivating as well as romantic. For the young chicks, it is not just about performance, they are also attractive.
  • They are a serious band that treats music as a career and not just some fancy thing you do to fit in.
  • All the tracks in their album stand out due to the quality of production as well as the star like performance that comes from the great blend of vocals and instrumentals.

Why the Ladies Won’t Miss the Porgie & Murda’s Shows for Anything

There are many reasons that endear a performing band to its fans. Of course their quality of music is one. The other thing is the kind of compositions they have.  In this aspect, Porgie and Murda from Barbados have effectively perfected the art of seduction especially in their song writing. Their lyrics are both melodious as they are seductive especially to the listeners. Good music always resonates with the feelings of the audience. This is very true of the compositions of the Benup band. Listening to some of their tunes will condense your emotions making you want to listen on and on without ever stopping.

To sample out the band’s latest tunes, such as “Ah Feeling”, simply download the tracks online and get a feel of the beat. The young band is so energetic and creative that their performances are so full of action everyone attending can’t help but move their bodies to the jig. To get this experience first hand, make sure you attend their live concerts the next time they perform at a venue near you.

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