7 Things You Said You’d Never Do In A Carnival Band.

As Carnival approaches in many Caribbean islands, we are all looking forward to the two days of “jump up” where we put aside the stresses of work and travel, and just enjoy ourselves with good food, friends and music.

Many will immerse themselves in the culture and frolic by being a part of a Carnival Band.

While we encourage everyone to go out and definitely have fun, we do want to remind many that there are some things which you absolutely should not do in a Carnival Band.

1.  Act lewd or vulgar.

No matter how much fun is being had, never allow yourself to act lewd or vulgar.

2.  Engage in excessive drinking and or drug use.

Never engage in excessive drinking and or drug use while in a band. Even though revelry and fun is the key, the laws of the land should still be respected.

3.  Misrepresent your culture or yourself.

Culture and values should be at the forefront of one’s mind.  Never misrepresent your culture or yourself.

4.  Shameful Behaviour.

Do not engage in behaviors which would make you feel ashamed if seen on camera, or the next day.

5.  Cause fights or disrupt bands purposely.

A usual disruption of Carnival Bands is caused by fights and other such disruptive behavior. In keeping with this, one should never look to cause fights or disrupt bands purposely.

6.  Interfere with the trucks or musicians.

Interference with the musicians and or trucks should never be engaged in while reveling in a band. Likewise, one should never seek to interrupt the general flow of the band.

7.  Forget to have fun.

Last but by all means not least, it is of upmost importance to ensure that you do not forget to have fun while you are in a Carnival Band.  After all that is the purpose of being in a band!  Have fun to the fullest.