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Alkaline (left) disses Vybz Kartel (right).

Alkaline Disses Vybz Kartel! “Me A Run Dancehall”

Alkaline (left) disses Vybz Kartel (right).

Alkaline (left) disses Vybz Kartel (right).

Alkaline is making it clear that he is the man of the moment in dancehall.

The “Champion Boy’s” new single “Lose” brags about his Dancehall status and takes jabs at Vybz Kartel.

“Alkaline a run dancehall all a we know a the truth this / How teacha fi run dancehall being incarcerated / Yo no affi bother chat mi know a one serious line / Yo know more time yo affi just get up and just speak your mind,” Alkaline deejay.

Vybz Kartel Clashes

Rather, Kartel responds that this is just another new artist trying to take root in his own image.

“Alkaline is just another new artist trying to imitate Vybz Kartel to gain more success,” a rep for the incarcerated deejay told Numusiczone. “What ever happened to originality?  These young guys ain’t bringing anything new to dancehall musically. Addi bleach and him run go bleach to, Addi deejay about slackness and him run go do it and now him turn around trying to diss the deejay.”

Furthermore, Kartel’s rep mentioned that he has no plans to release any diss songs aimed at Alkaline.

“A Vybz Kartel and Alkaline feud would only benefit one man, so it’s not worth the effort,”

Alkaline laments losing his US visa and his Florida girlfriend breakup.

This is not the first time that he took shots at Vybz Kartel in song. Since he took a few mild jabs at the former Portmore Empire star and his protege Popcaan on his smash hit “City” released back in March.

Although both artists sound similar, the astute dancehall enthusiast can recognize their uniqueness.

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