Become An Expert On Dominica By Watching These 5 Videos.

1. Are You Breathing?

This video encourages the viewer to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in large metropolitan cities filled with smog, characterized by poor diets and diseases, and to allow oneself to experience life in a place with pure water, air and natural living.

2.  What Is Dominica?

The natural and adventurous life available in Dominica is highlighted. The hiking trails, aerial tram, water adventures and more, are on display in this video. It also speaks of the history of the island, the indigenous people and the history between the island and European countries. The pattern and quality of life is observed. Happiness and health is the theme in this video.

3.  Discover Dominica In A Minute.

This is a video showing Dominica life in a nutshell. Fresh food, water adventures and the people. Explore and experience the Dominican way of life.

4.  How To Cook Dominica Style.

Natural food and the secrets to great creole food are highlighted. A video on cooking featuring the island’s food and unique style of cooking.

5.  Introducing Miss Dominica.

Take some time and marvel at the natural beauty of this island. The video gives geographic information on Dominica, inclusive of natural attributes and unique features.