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Top 20 Caribbean Music Charts

Here are our updated top 20 Caribbean music charts this week for each Caribbean music genre.

Download the hottest singles, riddims and albums. Numusiczones charts are updated daily with the latest Caribbean music. Our high definition MP3 files download at up to 320kb Bitrate.

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Top 20 Caribbean Music Charts

Top 20 Caribbean Music Charts

Dancehall Music Charts

Bouyon Music Charts

Reggae Music Charts

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Soca Music Charts

Zouk Music Charts

Compa Music Charts

Kandans Music Charts

Caribbean Gospel Music Charts

Are you a Caribbean DJ?

What better way to impress your guests than the perfect Soca, Reggae or Bouyon songs to get the party popping.  If you’re a DJ, you know how important that is.  The problem is, most small island music is hard to find.

You see, our small island economies don’t encourage the systematic production and compensation for music creation.  As a result, our artists don’t have enough product on hand and the music fails to reach far corners of the market.

We’d like to change that.

Numusiczone’s goal is to bring you your favorite Caribbean tracks, and a variety of others you may not have known you liked.

Wck, Triple Kay, Burning Flames, Grammacks, even Kassav.

As you probably know, you won’t find many of these artists anywhere else. But honestly the best part is, they all get their share of revenue from sales.

Great Caribbean music is all about bringing you closer to your culture, making you happier, and supporting our artists in the process.

Look, why let the daily stresses of life get the best of you? Check out these top 20 Caribbean music charts and stay up to date on your culture.

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