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Caribvision Features Numusiczone TV Show “Behind The Music”.

Craig Bellot and Felix Augustine of Numusiczone, Inc

The efforts to bring added visibility to Dominica and Caribbean music, has been given a much significant boost through the online music site,

Beginning, August 12th, from 8:30 pm, Caribvision will begin broadcasting 30 minute episodes depicting the life of musical artists from Dominica and the subregion.

Numusiczone, began creating these episodes about a year ago for use on its very popular website, in the hope that it would be picked up by the mainstream media houses in the Caribbean and North America.

Caribvision is viewed by over 1.5 million people in over 21 countries.

Executive Producer, Felix Augustine believes that the exposure generated from the episodes can only build and help generate renewed interest in the musical art-form of the Caribbean. Mr. Augustine is delighted that the executives at Caribvision have decided to give a voice to artists of the sub-region.

The episodes are hosted by Craig Bellot who created Mr. Bellot says, his vision of seeing Dominican and Caribbean talent in every home is closer to a reality with the Caribvision initiative.

Craig and Felix with Machel Montano.

Numusiczone was created as an outlet for all the musical acts coming from the Caribbean. Persons who believe they have a song to share with the outside world can simply go to and upload their music and instantly find a worldwide audience., is also a major revenue earner for much of these artists, as in comparison to existing sites, they pay out the largest share of money earned back to the artists.

Numusiczone is appealing to Dominicans to support the shows when they begin airing. They are also appealing to Dominicans and other persons in the region to begin suggesting persons that they would love to see featured in these episodes. Persons can make the recommendations by sending a message to their Facebook fan page. A similar request is being made to the other islands as well.

Keyboardist, Entreproducer, and founder of Craig's main focus is to help Caribbean artists earn the most revenue from their music.

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