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Dominica: Golden Drum Awards 2016

Dominica: 2016 Golden Drum Awards Presented.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2016 Golden Drum Awards and Special Recognition Awardees!

Since 1982, the Golden Drum Award Ceremony has honored Dominicans with more than twenty years of service in the Arts. It is organized by the National Cultural Council in collaboration with the Cultural Division.

2016 Golden Drum Awards

The six awardees are:

  1. Mr. Stephen Drigo for Development and Promotion of Traditional Music;
  2. Ms. Pearle Christian for Excellence in Music Education and Promotion of Choral Music;
  3. Mrs. Catherine Miranda Langlais for Preservation and Promotion of Indigenous Culture;
  4. Mr. Levi “Super L” Loblack for Excellence in Music;
  5. Mrs. Regina Walsh for Promotion of Pageantry;
2016 Special Recognition Awards
Special Recognition Awards

Special Recognition Awards

Additionally, four individuals and two groups received special recognition awards at that ceremony.

These go to deserving groups or individuals who with ten years of service to the promotion of visual and performing arts in Dominica.

These six special recognition awardees are:

  1. Mr. Craig Bellot for Promotion of Music;
  2. Mr. Hilroy Fingal for Excellence in Art;
  3. Mr. Ivon George for Development and Promotion of Traditional Dance;
  4. Mr. Carlton Henry for Promotion of Traditional Culture and Pageantry;
  5. The Performing Arts Workshop for Promotion and Development of Dance and Pageantry;
  6. St. Alphonsus Junior Choir for Excellence in Choral Music.
    Special Recognition Awards

    Special Recognition Award Groups

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