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Dominica Calypso 2011

Unwanted Go Pwel (Dominica Calypso 2011)

Unwanted - Go Pwel

Unwanted – Go Pwel

Proving that it doesn’t take much more than a catchy hook and driving beat to make a crowd pleaser, “Go Pwel” by Cleve “Unwanted” Vidal does just that.

A serious contender for the 2011 Road March title in Dominica, you can be sure to hear everyone singing, my pressure up, my go pwel on meh!

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Wuk Suk - Hotdog

Wuk Suk – Hot Dog

Maestro Wuk Suk is hitting hard this year with his party calypso “Hot Dog”.

Sharon, the main character in his song, craves a “Hot Dog” with every turn and even gets her fix at Perky’s Pizza.

Wuk Suk is a regular participant of Mass Camp Calypso tent.

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Lady B Dominica Calypso 2011 Eliminations

Lady B

Lady B – Rat In Society

Veteran female calypsonian Lady B’s song for 2011 calypso season is “Rat in Society“.

The song condemns child sexual harassment by older males which apparently is commonly occurring.

Although the controversial song didn’t get her past eliminations, many have called it her strongest song ever.

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Young Bull – Bull Matador

Young Bull Dominica Calypso 2011

Young Bull

Val ‘Young Bull’ Cuffy is a larger-than-life character – literally!  In fact, his 1992 album ‘Too Fat To Soca’ almost summed it all up.  Although his new vegetarian lifestyle has helped shed 60 lbs, his stage presence is still considerable.

Trained as a Pharmacist and an experienced Event Coordinator, he began his musical career managing calypsonians like Wizard and Scrunter. In 1991 he began singing Carnival ‘road march’ songs. By 1992 he was organising the popular pre-Carnival Stardom Tent.

No stranger to controversy, the 1994 ‘Bonda Ma Jacques’ song acheived what the 1991 ‘Chew My Pocket’ threatened to do – being banned from the airwaves!

There have been two other albums besides ‘Too Fat To Soca’: ‘Just Because’ (1995) and ‘Soca Mix’ (1996).

He made the Calypso Finals in 2003, Soca Monarch 1997 and performed across the region, New York, London and Canada. There have been several Albums to date and also compilations with other Artist. He has been dubbed the sexiest Fatman alive.

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Trendsetter (Narrin Murphy)

Trendsetter – Ready Made Jacket

Narrin Murphy aka “Trendsetter” was born in Massacre, Dominica. He’s the eldest of two children on his mother’s side.

As a young boy growing up he was always fond of music, mainly Jamaican Dancehall. As a result, he and his cousin Lady Ranks would make songs at his home and do little gigs in Roseau, where they would hold parties as well. During his dancehall days he was known as Frisco Benz, which he claims was a name given to him due to his imitation of Jamaican dancehall artist Spragga Benz and Frisco Kid.

He participated in Cable and Wireless Rising Stars and performed Elephant Man’s hit song, Pon de River, Pon de Bank. However, due to his over-zealous attitude and stage show like performance, he was unable to advance in the competition.

Narrin Murphy and his younger brother Marlon a.ka Marlee were the founding members of a small Bouyon band called No Limit where they produced a few popular songs. The top songs were remixes of the original Mahaut RoRo songs including Roro Baby, Bugging Gerry, Solo, and Ti Ti Wi They also produced Roro Medley Part 2. These songs were played widely on local radio stations and DJ’s at parties and the popular warehouse disco. The band also managed to do a few gigs in their village of Jimmit as well as the neighboring village of Mahaut and St. Joseph.

Listen to Trendsetter – Ready Made Jacket

Mighty Akar – Boom Boom Supriya

Mighty Akar - Dominica Calypso Music 2011

Mighty Akar

Akar’s satire of Dominica’s “Villa” political controversy comes as no surprise given its popularity.

Produced by Dada of Cotton Grove Studios, the sound and arrangements are crisp and tight.

Akar’s english-creole lyrics and easy going style make this song a fun listen.

Listen to Mighty Akar – Boom Boom Supriya

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