Dominica Calypso 2012 Quarter Finals Report

Caiso, Caiso, Caiso for so! After a stellar 2011 it could not be imagined that the calypsonians in Dominica could create greater lyrics. However these master lyricists have proven that they can top even their best. The catchy tunes and insightful lyrics of the 2012 calypsos have already made their way across the airwaves and into the hearts and minds of many fans.

The 2012 season was off to a great start with the Calypso Quarter Finals. 33 calypsonians brought their best forward to compete at the event held at the Newton Savannah on Saturday January 21st. Calypsonians put their most prized efforts on display all in the hopes of winning a spot towards the calypso finals. While only 20 would make their way through the gate to calypso star-power, mention must be made of some of the key highlights of the show.

The show was off to a bang start at 8:30pm and was hosted by Alex Bruno. Newcomer to the stage, “Vigilante” moved the crowd with his “Back to Front” rendition. He was followed by seasoned veteran the “Third Eye”. Another newcomer to the stage, “Black Diamond” engaged the crowd with his song “Pit Toilet” which was filled with stirring and thought provoking verses.

The night was energized with music of both the up-tempo and slow variety. A key highlight which must be noted is the calypsonian “Sye”, who not only sang his moving song “Fire”, but dressed the part as well, in his Fireman attire.

As the show progressed, there was no denying that it would be truly a daunting task on the judges to select the finalists. Mention must be made also of newcomer “Checko” with his rocking tune “AM/PM”. The seasoned veterans could not be forgotten. Hunter bellowed tunes about the “Asphault”, while “Young Bull” argued that we were suffering from “Mediocrity”.
The mighty “Dice”, dressed in his Grammar School uniform pled his case for “Teachers”.

In the end, it was the 2 newcomers plus 18 other calypsonians who were selected. “Black Diamond”, “Checko”, “Hunter”, “Scrunter”, “Jamma B”, “Webb”, “Vigilante”, “Comforter”, “Bobb”, “Triumph”, “Soul Puss”, “Checker”, “Observer”, “Pickie”, “Dice”, “Logars”, “Sye”, “Caressa”, “Explosion” and “Peter Pross” will all compete at the Semi-Finals carded for February 4th. Who amongst the chosen shall be selected to do battle with the Queen? Your guess is as good as mine.