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Dominica Calypso 2012

Dominica Calypso 2012 - Stardom Tent

Stardom 2012 Calypso Compilation

Who else is looking forward to 2012 Dominica Calypso Season?

Over 50 Calypsonians entering eliminations makes this year the highest in participation ever.

Court verdicts, drug arrests, and Sour Sour aside, 2012 is set to be the most talked about year to date.

Our first Dominica Calypso 2012 album comes from Stardom Tent.  Featuring Wok Sok, Scrunter, Black Diamond, Explosion, Comforter, Unwanted and Son Of The Saint, this album sets the stage for an interesting season.

Listen to Stardom Tent – 2012 Dominica Calypso here.

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