Eliminate but Elevate! Who will move forward in Dominica’s 2014 Calypsos?

Christmas is over and the regularities of normal life have returned. As we move swiftly into the year 2014, the decorations have been set aside and the cheer of the Christmas season has been laid to rest. Energetically, however we are now making room for the Carnival season. Full of vigor and excitement, the season is already off to a bang start and at the forefront of the minds of many is the Dominica Calypso competition.

The night of January 4th, saw the official prelude to the Calypso King Competition, with the 2014 Eliminations. 65 calypsonians brought their best forward on the night of the show, all hoping for a spot in the quarter finals. In the end, it was Trendsetter, Triumph, Chris B, Leona, Observer, Checker, Boople, Beetle J, Man Himself, Lugars and newcomer Wave, who made this coveted spot part of their calypso destiny. They will now move on to challenge last year’s 20 semi-finalists.

Outside of the major calypso competition, it cannot be denied that the sweet calypso tunes are already dominating the airwaves. The calypso tents are also doing their part in promoting the newly released tunes for the 2014 year, whether it is Young Bull requesting us to “Large Lang Mwen”, or Wok Sok who has melodiously informed us that his “Tomatoe Burst”. Other popular hits such as “Baby Machine” have also already cemented in our minds the fact that this will be another year of phenomenal calypsos.

Wednesday January 15th will see the opening of the Stardom Calypso Tent. Showdown Mas Camp will make their 2014 debut on Friday January 17th. The Renegades, the newest Calypso Tent on the island, founded by calypsonions Narrin “Trensetter” Murphy, Dexter ”Derose” Peltier and Peter “Pros” Prosper, will also make its emergence. This tent will showcase its performers every Thursday evening. Some of the calypsonians carded to perform at Renegades includes Picklock, Insighter, Energizer, Sugar S, Sour Sour and many others.

With all this excitement the question again becomes: Who among the mighty will be strong enough to defeat the six time Calypso King, the Dice?? The quarter finals show is carded for February 1st with the final Calypso King competition taking place on March 1st. Your guess is as good as mine, what cannot be denied is that it will be a show of epic proportions.