Farmer Nappy

Farmer Nappy Performs at Washington DC Carnival.

Craig Bellot:           We’re here with Farmer Nappy, backstage of the Machel Montano show,  NuMusic Zone TV bringing you all the greatest artist from this big big time show for the Washington DC carnival

Craig Bellot:           So Farmer Nappy tell us how long have you been performing with Machel?

FARMER NAPPY:         I’m the last standing original band member for Machel group.

Craig Bellot:           Yeah? So you used to be with the Xtatik Band?

FARMER NAPPY:         Xtatik; from the day of Pranasonic Express from day one, to now. At the end of the day I’m like the NBA player that stays with one team. So we’re one team.

Craig Bellot:           Alright. So tell us about the ride man and how is the journey performing with this band from the time you started till now?

FARMER NAPPY:         The journey was very nice because we never expected to reach this. We always said we’re just gonna for the band to just play little Christmas parties, little christening, and little body parties. You know what I mean? But looking back I can say that this is my living having house, having car, having land and things all for this.

Craig Bellot:           So tell us what are those pivotal moments in the band where you realize that this is going somewhere man?

FARMER NAPPY:         Well, coming back to Trinidad in 1996, and the next thing you hear music from Domino Trinidad.  In Domino Trinidad we had a music farm. You know what I mean? Seeing the people, seeing the million just jumping to your songs, just dancing to your song that was it, that’s what motivated us to write more.

Craig Bellot:           so you write songs too right?

FARMER NAPPY:         Well I’m one of the writers in the band too.  So things like music from things like footsteps, I’m the water flowing on soap. You know what I mean?

CRAIG BELLOT:           So tell us I mean what are the things you look for when you write a good song. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

FARMER NAPPY:         As long as the kids could sing it. As long as children could sing a song as it hit one time. (Chuckles)

CRAIG BELLOT:           Alright, make it simple enough for the kids to catch it. Alright that’s a good tip

CRAIG BELLOT:           Ok, so what are some of your advice for artist coming up to market themselves I mean to get their names out there?

FARMER NAPPY:         Learn the business. Learn the business first because there are many of them coming into business.

CRAIG BELLOT:           So what specifically about the business you encourage artist to learn?

FARMER NAPPY:         Learn owning your master copy. You know what I mean because owning your master copy is like your blue print. You know what I mean? Learning, royalties, I mean royalties are credits, producing…learn the business by force. So learn the business.

CRAIG BELLOT:           So you’ll get screwed right? Everybody will take advantage of you if you don’t know the business.

FARMER NAPPY:         That’s right. So learn the business. Learn the business.

CRAIG BELLOT:           Tell us some things on-stage you do to really get the crowd involved and to really get the people energetic.

FARMER NAPPY:         Just smiling and being happy I mean one on one with the crowd.  Just being having fun, have fun with them, it’s like one on one and everything will work out.

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