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The Growing Group That Should Terrify Bouyon Bands Everywhere.

“Music is the strongest form of magic” ~Marilyn Manson
The wizards at Signal Band continue to make magic with Bouyon.
Signal Band began in August 2010 “out of boredom,” according to Sheldon Alfred.  Hence, band members range from 16 to 24 years and are from Goodwill, Kingshill, and Elmshall.
The band performs at many local events in Dominica:
1. Creole in the Park
2. May Fest
3. East Fest
4. Opening of Carnival City
5. Various school events and
6. Many village feasts and festivals
7. Creole Festival
Signal’s members feature a few of Dominica’s young popular public icons. E.g. Sheldon Alfred, who won the Junior Calypso Competition three years in a row.
The band also brought on board Mr. Jerlani Robinson, prominent youth cricketer. He serves at the local and regional level as the Dominican band’s manager and booking agent.

Awards and Achievements

1. Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development for “Music and Community Involvement.” ~2013 National Youth Rally.
2. Sheldon Alfred awarded for “Outstanding Youth In Music”. ~National Youth Awards 2015.

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