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How Dominican Producer Obanga works with J-Lo, Dipset and More.

We’re gonna be interviewing a very special producer, big time producer from Dominica livin’ here in New York City, from the Bronx New York originally from Layou Dominica, his name is O.Banga out of O.Banga Productions. Now O.Banga’s worked with J.Lo, Bunji Garlin, Benji, and Dipset productions just to name a few this guy’s really talented and we’re gonna  be having him spill all his secrets here on Numusiczone TV. Stay tuned. 

Craig Bellot:  So O.Banga tell us some of the big artist you’ve been working with so far .

O.Banga:         …I’ve worked with Bunji Garlin, Problem Child, Ragga Lyrical, Tallpree, Patch, Jeniffer Lopez, Laden and a whole lot just to name a few.

Craig Bellot:   Alright so take us way back to the beginning you know tell everybody where you from, what part of Dominica you from and how you got started in music.

O.Banga:    [I’m] From the small village of Layou Dominica, pretty much got into music from a tender age playing drums at church when I was like six years old and developed an incredible love for music from that tender age.  (I ) Started to play the keyboard a couple of years after that, the bass guitar a couple of years after that, until I moved up here where I discovered I wanna be a producer.

Craig Bellot:   Ok, so what is it about the studio productions that really, you know caught your mind as oppose to playing on stage?

O.Banga:        Oh man, it’s just the whole creative process of making a song and putting and adding all the elements: the words, the recording, the mixing, you know the effects all of that stuff to make it a hit that’s just, crazy.

Craig Bellot:   Ok, and how did you get your studio setup here I mean how did you get (you know), involved with the right people, (you know) to get the equipment, and all that. How do you make those connections to really get yourself established?

O.Banga:         I mean hard work and headstrong, I mean I came up here started using fruity loops on a little computer from there I met this guy from a record store, he listened to my stuff told me (you know) I need to do some more homework, I did just that and  couple of years later I met this guy from Dipset he is the producer of Dipset, called schizo, schizophrenic put me on to a lot of people and introduce me to a lot of artists and from there I started building (you know) my name and my fans based right there.

Craig Bellot:   So tell us what kind of genres you really focused on I know you mentioned Dipset these guys are really big in the hiphop world I mean what kind of genres does your studio really specialized in?

O.Banga:         Pretty much all genres I don’t have a special genre I’m a music lover once it’s hot and catchy I do from soft rock, to pop, to hip-hop, to RnB to Reggae to, Zouk, to calypso to everything, you know, I don’t really not any genre once it works and it’s a hit we could do it.

Craig Bellot:   Ok, so being in a Caribbean music channel you know you see these artists coming up, they come to your studio they wanna produce a song I mean what is the biggest thing you see lacking in there, you know in their songs recently you know all Caribbean artist really, you know what are the things you think that have to be improved the most?

O.Banga:        The main thing right now is song writing. I think they’ve gotten lost to the jump and wave the whine and whine and have really got to venture out on how to write a song or create a dance and whine song without even having to say dance and whine. You know what I mean?

Craig Bellot:   So what are some of the tips you would give them you know in writing a song I mean what really make those punchy lyrics as catchy hooks I mean what really brings out that story in a song that you know you could tell it?

O.Banga:        Read some books, listen to an old school music, go online you know different things, different elements in life you know everyday living could influence you to write a great song but you know like I said they’re just brainwashed with the party jump and jump and wave so like the new aspiring and up and coming artists, that’s the first thing that come to their head: jump and wave, whine and whine, it’s more than that.

Craig Bellot:   So do you think this new wave of music is actually kind of you know making the worst for our up and coming artists because that’s what they’re listening to and you know if it’s not really up to the standard like it was back then, do you think that’s you know sending them back at a disadvantage?

O.Banga:        Yes and No. Because there are good music, there is good music still you know like Marshall, a lot of Marshall Music and even his song writing you know is very great just what your listening to, make sure if you wanna do that listen to the right songs and stuff like that to increase you writing skills.

Craig Bellot:  So I know that’s been a particular problem with our Dominican artists you know some of the lyrics can be improved I mean anything else in our music you know the bouyon music especially that can really take it to the next level?

O.Banga:         I mean bouyon is what it is. It’s a mixture of a whole lot of more things we should just keep on doing that mixing a whole lot of stuff to reach other people like the rest of the Caribbean that could you know grasp our music a little more better, more comfortably ‘cause it is what it is  – bouyon.

Craig Bellot:   So who are some of the Dominican artist that you think are coming up from Dominica right now that can really have potential to blow up?

O.Banga:       Colton T, Smokie Cut, Nayee, Asa Bantan doing his thing right now, Symplz, those guys got skills man. Like I even wanna do some work with them too. There’s divine songs, that’s my boy too. And that’s pretty much who I looked out and I see that’s doing their thing that I can see reaching somewhere too.

Craig Bellot:  Tell us some of the performance you have done over the years you know in different countries, or in different states, with different artists.

O.Banga:        I’ve toured, did the west coast with these artists called  Bankeys, they’re African – American artists doing you know Reggae and RnB music, so the whole west coast with that guy. Did a lot of shows with Royalty Band from Dominica, all over the US. Pretty much that’s the only bands that I really played with you know my heart right now is definitely in production right now, I do that more.

Craig Bellot:   I mean a lot of ‘em up and coming producers as well comin’ up what are some advice that you have for them to really get their skills to the next level so that their music could get out there?

O.Banga:        You know there’s no theory and no one set to music. You know just find your sound and find your niche and keep on doing what you’re doing, and trust me you could become far. You know, I used to try to follow people until I found my own sound and (people we’re like :) dude it don’t sound like the authentic whatever! And I’m like:  don’t worry about it. Until I have my own song when you hear a beat you know it. So just keep on doing what you’re doing and stay head-focused don’t let nobody tell you can’t do whatever you wanna do.

Craig Bellot:  Right. Find your own sound. I like that because a lot of artists you know they try to copy this one and copy that one and then they end up sounding like them. Where as if they focused on you know finding their own style they could really differentiate themselves.

O.Banga:        You could be a trend setter you know, you could be your own. When they hear that they know this is that person, (and) this is that person. Not like “who is that? Sounds like that person, (and) sounds like that person.” You know?

Craig Bellot:   Welcome back everyone. Craig Bellot here Numusiczone TV, we’re here with O.Banga out of the O.Banga Productions, big time producer here in the Bronx in New York City. So O.Banga tell us who are you having in your studio right now, who are you producing for?

O.Banga:       Right now I’m working on my new artist right now – Romane coming soon with a hot single So Sweet for The Ladies. Pretty much right now I’m doing a lot of mixing and stuff that I already have with other artists too much to name and to remember right now but just look out for a whole lot of artists from O.Banga productions, check out my Facebook: O.Banga Productions, Youtube; O.Banga music and O.Banga Productions, Tweeter me at O.Banga music, you’ll find me and find out everything that’s going on with me right now.

Craig Bellot:  So you have a big single on which is you know doing very well tell us about that single.

O.Banga:         That’s the countdown check that out buy it on I.Tunes, buy it on Numusiczone its going crazy right now, its featuring Jamaica’s own Niki Chin it’s a crazy pop culture dance fusion song it’s doing real good right now, (the) video’s coming soon. So just look out for that.

Craig Bellot:   Ok. So tell us about the things artists should be doing right now like you are to promote your music online you know offline as well I mean tell us some of the things that you’re doing.

O.Banga:         A lot of networking. I use my network resources to the max: Facebook, I go to a lot of A and R events to a lot of showcases of artists to meet new people, doing things out there just spread my name and spread the music like that.

Craig Bellot:  Anything else, other tips for up and coming artists to really get their music and get their name out there.

O.Banga:         You get here to O.Banga Productions if you’re having a lot of problems and I could help you with a lot of stuff (chuckles).

Craig Bellot:   Alright guys, there you have it O.Banga Productions big time producer here in New York City from Dominica originally doing some big things here in the music industry.

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