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How Skinny Banton Re-shaped Dominica Music.

How Skinny Banton Reshaped Dominica Music. His modern style changed an entire generation of Dominican artists. Beware as we unleash the mind of Skinny Banton. From his SMA days, to Klockerz, WCK and more, learn how he produced hits like “Riddim Like Rain”, “Mothers Love” and “Tonight A de Night”.

Keyboardist, Entreproducer, and founder of Craig's main focus is to help Caribbean artists earn the most revenue from their music.

  • vapor

    skinny, well spoken. well represented. well explained.

  • botang

    niceeee.i like skinny and love all his songs,yh i said alllll…he performs very well and would really wish for his music to surround the world…yes i'm a true Dominican who wants whats best for her country.

  • Universe

    Very interesting artist with a good vision for the future.Liked his concept of “meeting of the minds” and the words which is a product of the brain put to rythmic textures and striving for excellence. Thanks Skinny!
    great Video,Craig and Augustine….keep up the interesting interviews~~!

  • Thanks for watching guys. The feedback is great.

  • Natural, My youth you are a naturals well said. I enjoyed your vibes, and i must say dem tracks you mentioned on your best list, I've put together on my personal greatest hits long time from all the CK albums i have; but I'll be getting the new album.
    keep doing what you do& Jah bless.

    Oh big tings everytime craig ….. I'm following the show so keep it flowing.

  • Whiteshark4life

    Still one of the most versatile, most lyrical artist in Dominica, respect to the man Rodney holding it down, respect to NUMUSICZONE for their efforts to bring Dominca to the world. We will be goin ON an On like Time.

  • Thanks for watching bro. Look out for lots more Dominican talent.