Caribbean carnival

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Carnival Trip.

Caribbean carnivalCongratulations! You’ve decided to attend a genuine Carnival in the Caribbean. Here’s how to get most out of your Carnival trip.

1. Dress up

Caribbean Festivals and Carnivals demand vibrant costumes of colors and blinding glitters. Tourists don’t need encouragement to done themselves with intricate costumes to join the locals in celebrating the Carnival.

Think of Carnival like Halloween but for six days straight (more or less), with booze instead of candies, and people go out for a wild street parades instead of Trick or Treating—and everyone, young and old enjoy it.

There are so many varieties of characters you can role-play. You can put on a devil’s outfit for what they call Diablitos attire or you can do as simple as a flower costume. But if you were to ask me, I’d say get crazy and wear decorative gowns, gloves, masks and headdresses until you’re completely covered.

On the other hand, if you want to maximize your Caribbean experience and delve deeper into their culture, here’s an article citing how to dress like the Caribbean natives.

2. Shop

There’s no better way to remember your Carnival trip than authentic Caribbean keepsakes to show off. From hundreds of different stuff you can carry home, choose something that has meaning and relevance to your trip. It doesn’t have to be expensive, heck find something free. It could be an embroidered creole dress or a pebble from the beach.

Dream catchers are perfect for couples who are in their honeymoon while masks and headdresses are popular take home souvenirs to those who want to participate in the non-stop street parades. If you’re Music-savvy, head to the nearest records store and see if you want to take home any. If you’re lucky, you could bump into your favorite Caribbean artists.

3.Beach sports

If your disposition is a bit sporty, your Carnival trip can definitely regale the athletic side of you. All corners of the city celebrate including the beaches where tourists and locals flock to bask in the sun or soak in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean seas.

You can grab your own volleyball or join in with the others. Jet skiing, banana boating, surfing, and skim boarding are also available for those who don’t mind being wet.

4. Food

Trying out Caribbean dishes is a must when you get there.

Traditionally, people in the Caribbean serve Galette Des Rois and Champaign in celebration for the Carnival. However, it is also during Carnivals when the Caribbean natives get the chance to promote their delicious dishes. You will surely be able to taste all kinds of food they offer.

Here’s a starter to your food checklist:

□        Cuban Ropa Vieja

□        Mojo Grilling Marinade

□        Caribbean Jerk Pork Chops

□        Bistec Encebollao

□        Puerto Rican Tostones

□        Dominica’s Pastelon de Platano Maduro

5. Street Party

The notorious street party may be the most prominent highlight of any Carnival. It is after all, THE STREET PARTY.

Aside from a flood of decorated street dancers, trucks with giant speakers that serve as platforms for musicians provide life to the parade with a variety of upbeat dance tunes. Samba, Reggae, and Arrochia are just some of the genres they usually play that send the dancers, tourist, and bystanders into a non-stop dancing frenzy.

Some Carnival street parties go on for six days and six nights straight, up until the Lenten season starts. The parade is expected to pass by all major roads of the city but the most beautiful part of it is when passing through the Caribbean seaside boulevards.

Variations of this practice are dumping of water and throwing of eggs/flour to unsuspecting pedestrians and tourists. Trust me, the wetter you are, the better your experience will be!

6. Booze

Alcoholic beverages have been associated with Carnival celebrations for the longest. Carnival was traditionally celebrated as a preparation for a religious period where alcoholic beverages and meat products are forbidden. In short, Carnivals used to be an occasion where people fulfilled their gluttonous side before fasting. Modern day celebrations may or may not entail religious valuation, yet excessive consumption of food and booze remained in practice.

So there you go. I hope I’ve added some items on your to-do list for the Carnival. What? You have better ideas? Let us know and leave us a comment below.