How To Throw The Perfect Caribbean Party

Ever dreamt of throwing a party?  Maybe you didn’t know where to start so you gave up.

You’re not alone. 

An island style fete is one of the most popular party themes, unfortunately, few are successful. 

 The vibe, food and music need to be right. Here are the four essentials you need to throw the perfect Caribbean party.

1. Decor

caribbeanpartydecorLet’s start with setting the right mood. A tropical theme is not just defined by sunken pirate ships and monotonous blue and white nautical colors. The Caribbean is renowned for their everlasting sunshine so we want to see sun colors, yellows everywhere, gold like the Caribbean sandy beaches, and shades of tan for variety.

Sunlight symbolizes life and so you want to incorporate more earth tones. You would also want to represent the vibrant colors reflected by the mighty sun such as pink, yellow, green, and oranges. 

To go even further, sprinkle some large shells, driftwood, and coral reefs around the area. Forget about skirting your food table with the usual tablecloth and find some grass skirts instead. Make sure to have some pineapple designs, coconuts lying everywhere, one or two rafts where people can actually chill, and of course flowers everywhere. 

Imagine that you are in a sunny, tropical island, that’s what your party should look like!

2. Food

jerk-chickenThe Caribbean is very rich of coastal areas, thus healthy servings of seafood in your party—grilled fish, grilled squids, fresh oysters, crab stews, and delicious edible seaweeds, go a long way. 

You also want jerk, a spicy sauce rubbed on chicken or meat to be smoked or grilled. Anyone from the Caribbean, Africa, Portugal, or Latin America will love it. 

You can also try serving Conch, a delicacy similar to Escargot of France. Conch is any various species of large sea snails in beautiful shells. Conch is served with salad, soups, and stews so there’s much variety to choose from. You can get them as farm-raised snails so don’t worry about catching them yourself.

Lastly, never throw a Caribbean party without colorful fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, coconuts, papaya and other greens. For best effect, serve coconut water in the coconuts. There’s also a soulful vegetable soup with roots called Callaloo. Look into that.

3. Attire

caribbean-clothesYou want your guests to know that, Creole style wear (clothes worn in the Caribbean), should be bright-colored fabrics.

Women can wear short or long, full skirts, and blouses with ruffles, ribbons, and laces. They can be worn over a white cotton chemise or petticoat. Men, on the other hand, can wear simple pants of madras in white or in solid colors with a madras shirt or what they call Guayabera. This is a pleated shirt seen throughout the Caribbean and other territories which once under the Spanish empire such as the Latin Americas, and the Philippines. Men can also wear fedora hats resembling masculine  Cuban looks.

4. Music

If you want to throw the party right, do it with right the music.

You want to blast indigenous music genres such as Cadence-lypso, Kompa, Zouk, Soukous, Bouyon, Zydec, Soca, Spouge, Steelpan, Ripsaw, Rocksteady, Scratch, Reggae and Dancehall Music

Also include songs from popular Caribbean artists like WCK, Kassav, Ophelia Marie, Patrice Roberts, Skinny Fabulous, Lyma, Asa Banton, Charly Black, Esclav, GShine, Grammacks, Richard Birman, Kayo, and Lil Rick.

Now that you have all the information you need, you’re all set to plan for a genuine Caribbean party.  No more excuses. 

Do you think we missed anything? What do you love about Caribbean parties?  Please write it on the comments below.