The Inspiring Dream Fatima Noel Will Achieve From Miss Dominica 2013

Numusiczone has taken the opportunity to speak with some of the young ladies and gain a greater insight into the motivational factors which have guided each young lady to the competition. Join us on the journey to get to know these lovely ladies on a more in depth level.

Miss Fatima Noel admitted that growing up she always followed pageantry and admired the ladies who had taken the bold step to represent their villages. Fatima always had the dream of someday being one of those ladies on the stage, and always wanted to have the opportunity to be an ambassador for her country. “I believe that it is a very prestigious title to hold as a young Dominican woman, and this will definitely motivate other young ladies and the youth in general” says Miss Noel.

Her overall motivation for entering the competition comes from being able to represent her country. In addition to this, Miss Noel feels that winning the competition will give her a feeling of accomplishment, and will allow her to encourage the youth growing up without direction. “The National Queen Competition should be seen as a stepping stone”, argues Miss Noel. Her hope is that other young women like herself will not be discouraged but would use experiences like that of the National Queen Competition as an opportunity to get out there, set their minds on their goals, keep focused and make it in life.

Albeit with all the rigors involved in entering such a competition, there must be some time set aside for self. Fatima confesses that in her spare time she enjoys writing songs, listening to music, and simply relaxing at home.

“Dominica’s culture is unique and blessed. Our Calypsos, Cadence, and Bouyon music are special. We have reaped benefits from the evolution of artists like Ophelia Marie and Michele Henderson”. “This is very motivating to me as an up and coming artist myself, because I am confident that doors will be opened not only to promote myself, but my beautiful country as well.”

  • gail

    Fatima seems to be a well rounded individual despite the fact that she grew up without her father. Beauty, intelligence, style. Great job mom! You have what it takes to represent Dominica well. Wish you the very best.