DJ Falkon

Introducing DJ Falkon

Introducing DJ Falkon

Craig Bellot:        Welcome everyone to another episode of Numusiczone TV, we’re here with DJ Falkon, one of the hottest DJs here in New York City, originally from Dominica. Falkon, to everyone who doesn’t know you, just tell the people who you are, introduce yourself.

Falkon:        Yes, this is DJ Falkon in person myself, grew up in Dominica, been doing music here in New York for a long time and I’m just happy to be here with Numusiczone right now.

Craig Bellot:        So Falkon tell us how you found out about

Falkon:        Oh man, I actually found out from Felix actually, Felix did a lot of photography for Satma and in one of the events you guys came out and you guys had a presentation and that presentation was on point and at that point I just knew I had to sign up. As it’s always hard to get new music from Dominica as I always have to be searching and with Numusiczone, I was able to sign up and get a membership and as soon as the music drops in Dominica, I was able to have it and you have a wide range of genres. Boyoun, Soca and you know it’s a great tool to get this as a DJ cause everybody gets to me said “hey where did you get your music?” but its Numusiczone and everybody can get it also. And the hardest thing as a DJ is to find a good, clean music, that is premium music and Numusiczone gives us all that. With the deal I had with you guys, I could not beat that so this how I found out and you know Numusiczone is a great tool for a DJ.  If you wanna get good music for your personal pleasure, Numusiczone is where to get your good tunes from.

Craig Bellot:        How did get involved in DJing?

Falkon:        I actually get involved in DJing 10-12 years ago. But before that my family always found a reason to have a party and my Uncle Mickey was a family DJ and had equipments for Professional DJ and was just DJing for the family. And I think I like into it and then 10 years ago, I was at my Uncle Tab’s party and you know how we Dominicans like a good party a good fete. Friend of his friends, I call my friends and peoples are coming over and at that time I didn’t even know what the calling was and folks that are coming over and that party had to be shut down because there were so much teen in the avenue. There was so much people there that my Aunt had to shut down the party and you know few weeks after Mr. Raffoul called my Uncle and said “Hey listen, you are a good DJ at your party can I have you for a gig?” and my uncle just called me once and said “Hey, listen you have to play for this lady at the baby shower” that was 10 years ago and I played for Mr. Raffoul and man we had a great time from that point on. I started getting calls and at that point of time I had no idea what a DJ but I feel it was cool and I just started doing it for fun. After that one of the biggest thing I did after that was at the White House. Again I was at the party, a feter and this guy came to play he was doing good job and I was kinda binding the music, amused there, the room was there, party was there I jumped on and at that point Sammy said “Hey Falkon, you know what we’re going forth man, You’re the one who’s gonna be having my party “That’s when I start going to the business and find out more about DJing and that where the career took off.

Craig Bellot:        Ah ok, so what do you think you do that, why the people like you as a DJ. What do you think is the main role the DJ do to have a successful event.

Falkon:        Well, one sets me apart from a lot of guy is that anybody can play music, anybody can put some songs together. What I think sets me apart from anybody else is my personality, the approach I take to the music. I’m involved, I love the music. I’m a people person first. There are time a lot of people to get match of you but I cannot set that aside and I am a people person, I love music, I do music because I love it. And I tend to feed off the crowd and I listen to people, a lot of DJ’s don’t like to listen to people. But if you come to me and say “hey I don’t like this and that”. I listen and when I go home, I do my homework, I study, I look at all the DJ’s. International and local DJ’s and I see how I could build my craft so anybody could anew. I just put more time into it, I read people. I’m a people person so I understand people and of course how it could affect them too. So I understand when the party is to jump off, when the party is jumped off and that’s when I shine.

Craig Bellot:        Alright guys, we’re going to take you into a quick brake and we’ll come back we’ll gonna give you some more of DJ Falkon.

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Craig Bellot:        Well come back everyone, Craig Bellot here at Numusiczone TV. Were here with DJ Falcon one of the hottest DJ’s here in New York. Going from party to party, hall to hall and club to club. Falkon really heats it up where the Caribbean people.

Craig Bellot:        Falkon what it did fair to say that the way for Dominican music is to get back to the all roundedness? I know now that a lot of Bouyon music .People, they can really relate to some of the lyrics and some of the melodies are not there. With artists like Dice really showing us that this is what a total package artists look like. Do you think that’s the way forward to us in terms of getting the music to cross over?

Falkon:        I think we definitely have. We love our Bouyon and I love more Bouyon, I love a good Bouyon however, our music is not crossing the border because of the content and that’s the issue. Not only Dice, because Hunter just came up with “Drinker” and that was a good song. And when I play that song on air and for the TV channel and they love it. And then right after that Ricardo Drue came with the “Professional” which is the same content that Hunter has. Hunter’s song did not take that much track. Bouyon appreciate all because Hunter has been working hard for a very long time for his content. And this year I must say though that the artists have tried “Triple K” came out with that soca song and this guy is trying their best to cross the border. Now with Bouyon music, I think Bouyon music can definitely cross the border However; it’s just to add more content and making it more commendable for all the people because they are high temple for soca music and that Bouyon can fit into it. I don’t want to out on the limb say, and personally this is my opinions that if we could Bouyon to become part of the Soca genre not Bouyon but a Soca, let’s say a high temple Soca, That would give you even more push. Because Bouyon is good, we love Bouyon but it’s only for Dominica and a few, that actually appreciate Dominican music. Unlike the pioneers of Bouyon from back then that one “Balance Batty” that one will never die. You go to any party soca party, and the Caribbean in New York City and you’ll drop that track. It will definitely get more reaction and all of the people you will get your reaction.

Craig Bellot:        So talking about the Bouyon pioneers, we have Cornell and Ras and these guys are getting back together. What do you think of that collaboration? Do you think they has any legs when you go anywhere?

Falkon:        Listen, that collaboration is good. I respect the collaboration, I was at the event. I went to these two when I they had the worse, I was there. And the presentation they’ve got the musician. As a matter of fact in Miami, when those guys came on and I got Goosebumps. Because when they starting the fete, Like they didn’t just come and just play music like how bands normally do. These guys started off the set , that was magnificent!. And they put that out and they rock it on. I got Goosebumps at the show. And the transition of the songs, they were so great!. These guys are musician. And if we can put everything aside, and just bring the music for, these guys will go far. And I see that, but sometimes the personality can stop us from what we are really needed to be. And if these guys put their personality and just put the music for. These guys will do good, men.

Craig Bellot:        Well, guys there you have it, DJ Falkon. Out of Dominica, one of the hottest DJ here in New York!.

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Craig Bellot:        Welcome back guys to another episode of Numusiczone TV. Craig Bellot here your host, we’re here with DJ Falkon, one of the hottest DJ here in New York.

Craig Bellot:        So Falkon, in your gigs recently, what are some of the songs that really get people movin’?

Falkon:        Oh men, it’s hard to say because the crowd that we have is diverse. So you find that a lot of people like our Bouyon music especially in Dominica people. They are also others who like soca music. And the American because we are in New York there’s the pop and RNB and hip-hop. So, it’s hard to say which exact songs were to get the crowd on. But you know, there are few favorites Dominican arena. You know right now, there are Sheldon songs from Sheldon is a bad song right now. It has more behavior and that song is taking over the western and the U.S.

Craig Bellot:        What are some of the other songs that give you a good response from the crowd?

Falkon:        Well right now in the American arena, it’s “Work” from Rihanna. That’s a big song right now. That’s getting people jumping up. And also we have “Like a Boss” from Machel Montano. There’s a few in the Dominican too, and there’s awesome old songs that are still getting respect like “Forward we go” from Daddy Chess, yeah that song still has a lot of attraction.

Craig Bellot:        Ok, So let’s take it to some of the other artists specifically. I mean, you know Dice is doing so some big things as well. Right now, this is his 8th Crown, I think. What is your take as an artist, as a team he impacted Aaron really creating the hits and locking down that crown? What do you think about that?.

Falkon:        You see Dice, Dice is an entertainer and a lot of people tend us give us a lot of hit. Because for him as an entertainer, once Dice step on that stage. He could be local with everybody and he’s blending the crowd. Once he steps on the stage, Dice is entertaining and that’s what he does. That’s the other guys are lacking but has not grasp into yet. And that makes him other from other Calypsonian and when the man works with the crowd, present the crowd. Coz a lot of guys could sing the music,but can’t present, they cannot present.

Craig Bellot:        Do you think it’s free to say that he has the whole package, the entertainment, the lyrics, the music and the presentation?

Falkon:        I give jack his jacket, because he does have content. His music has content, a lot of times some guys is lacking content but his music has its content and he presents his content properly and that’s what he has so I have to give jack his jacket. And you know I will be wrong with all of the judges, I wanna be damn wrong too if I say that. That he has the package and that’s why he’s gonna come back and come back and come back. To some guys they win and the next will say wait a minute “What else do you have for me?” and that’s all were coming from. He’s not afraid to attack social issues, political issues and he attacks it with head on. He has more face and for that he’s not afraid with anybody and that’ what Dice has. Dice is a well-rounded artist, when he steps into the stage; you have to give Dice of what is his. Dice is an artist.

Craig Bellot:        Alright guys, we’ll going to take a quick brake and we’ll be back right after.


Craig Bellot:        Craig Bellot Numusiczone TV, that was our episode with Dj Falkon, one of the hottest DJ’s here in New York City, Originally from the Caribbean, Dominica. Falkon works hard to make sure you guys get the latest music in the gig. So to get his contact information just check us out and make sure we’ll provide you. This was another episode of NuMusiczone TV. Make sure you check us out in for all your latest Caribbean, Soca , Dancehall, Calypso and Bouyon music.

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