Jordan "Kayyo" George

Introducing Jordan “Kayyo” George

Craig Bellot:     Welcome everyone to another episode of Numusiczone TV. I’m Craig Bellot your host. And today we have a very special guest Kayyo the Dominican rapper doing his thing here in New York City, in Las Vegas, in Minnesotta opening up for some real big time artists such as Meek Mill as well as others. Kayyo has a lot of talent and his really trying to push his music network and create that product that something had really high quality.

Craig Bellot:     So, where here with Clem Harrigan also producer here in FTH Studio, working with Kayyo. Tell us what is like working with this guy.

Clem Harrigan:            From a production standpoint, Kayyo is kind of an artist you want to work with.  You know I mean it’s a pleasure. He’s talented and the work ethic is there. It’s the best that you can ask for, it’s a pleasure.

Craig Bellot:     Alright, What are some other things about his style that you really like and find unique?

Clem Harrigan:            He’s one of those artists. He has the package. A lot of artists especially rappers have lines. Kayyo has song. You know, he has melodies, he has lyrics, he has stories, and the production is on point. So, he has the whole package, he has song and it’s the best.

Craig Bellot:     Welcome back everyone, Craig Bellot here in Numusiczone TV. We’re here with Kayyo-Dominican Rapper and singer here in New York City doing his things.

So, Kayyo tell us about your songs. What inspires you to write and what kind of topics you choose to put in your lyrics?

Kayyo:              Basically, I write about my experience. What I see around me, I try to keep it innate, natural, organic- Basically.

Craig Bellot:     Okay, And out of all your songs you’ve done so far, which one is your favorite and why?

Kayyo:              That would be “Still Got It” because it’s real. That was how I was feelin’ that time, so I wrote about it.

Craig Bellot:     Tell us about the song. What does really about it?

Kayyo:             It’s about when I began to rap. The position I was in when I wrote the song.

Craig Bellot:     Alright, and in your videos. What really inspires you about making these videos? Doing the songs, What really drives you in line.

Kayyo:             I love music, really. I love music so I do it.

Craig Bellot:     So, I know you got this distribution deal as well in the pipeline. Tell us about you know on what’s the details on that.

Kayyo:              Basically, it’s this drive on here.*pointing in his wristband* I partnered with this entrepreneur who created this device. It’s really a wristband with a USB attached to it. It’s really great, it’s a great product. And basically, they sponsor me to promote the band and we put music on it and we distribute it just like that.

Craig Bellot:     So If I want to buy your music. I can just buy on the band and carry it along with me.

Kayyo:                          Exactly.

Craig Bellot:     Okay, It’s a pretty cool idea.

Craig Bellot:     We’re here with Darion the musical director of Kayyo. Darion tell us what we shoud expect with Kayyo.

Darion DPocket: Kayyo is gonna be something, something cutting –edge. Some different, some very unique, It’s his background, and his influences of too different fields. But expect a lot from Kayyo 2013-2014 as he grows and mature. And I’m gonna just stand by his side. And just not change  to get that sound.

Craig Bellot:     As the musical director. What direction you would like to see him going and as an artist what kind of image do you see him in the next five years?

Darion DPocket:          Well it’s all or nothing. So we’re gonna go on go upstairs to top. We’re all going to top wherever the top is. Whoever is at the top we’re going for him. So, yeah we’re gonna take the top.

Craig Bellot:     Welcome back everyone, Craig Bellot here in Numusiczone TV. We’re here with Kayyo Dominican rapper and singer here in New York City.

So, Kayyo you’re in the US now. Tell us about your tours in Minnesota, Las Vegas you know. Tell us about your experience up here. 

Kayyo:              I came from Dominica going to Minnesota did some networking, did some a couple of performances and shows. And from there I moved to Las Vegas while I did a showcase did some more on networking and then from Vegas to LA some more networking then did some couple of performances from here to New York then I did a few videos that’s gonnna be premiered.

Craig Bellot:     Alright. We also know you opened up Meek Mill in Minnesota. Tell us how that felt; you know that was a pretty big artist, pretty big opportunity for you. How do you feel about doing that?

Kayyo:              That was great. That experience was a great experience. That was my first time on a big stage. I love it! The crowd, it was feelin me, I was feelin it. The experience, I love it!

Craig Bellot:     Okay. So what should people expect from you? You know, you said you’re doing some videos; you’re doing some more songs.  I mean, tell us about the songs you have out now and what should people expect from the future.

Kayyo:              Right now, my mixed tape out called- Reevaluation, is out on my website, and I’m working with a couple of producers- one in Sacramento and one in New York City. That’s Daniel Cruz and O Banga who’s from Dominica. I got a couple songs of them. And I did two videos for that and I’m about to premiere the one I did- the one in Sacramento.

Craig Bellot:     What’s the name of that video? Just for people can look out for.

Kayyo:             It’s called “Bury Me Alive”

Craig Bellot:     Alright, Miguel the producer here in FTH studio in New York City, Brooklyn. Tell us what is like working with Kayyo here.

Miguel:             Well, working with Kayyo is an experience; He’s a young guy coming out. You know, really good music, hard working. We’re here in the FTH Studio doing the best that we can. And just we make sure we make that a reality and just working.

Craig Bellot:     Alright, What are some other things you like about Kayyo as supposed to the artist you’re working with.

Miguel:             What I like the most about him is about his conviction. His understanding on how he attached his emotion into the words of like he attracts the norm. He captures it.

Craig Bellot:     Alright, we’re here with Yagga (Kalvin George) – owner and manager of G-Shine records who manages Kayyo the artist. SO, Kalvin tell us what we should expect from Kayyo.

Kalvin “Yagga”:            I think you should expect from Kayyo , Craig is just greatness. Because Kayyo is a humble kid that he knows what he wants and he goes after it. Everybody should look up for Kayyo in 2014 and beyond.

Craig Bellot:     So tell us some other things you guys are working on that the people should expect.

Kalvin “Yagga”:            We have “Bury Me Alive” that’s the video’s gonna be out right now. And then we have “Talk About” that’s gonna be out soon. And then Kayyo in the studio will gonna be working with a couple of producers. That’s what going right now.

Craig Bellot:     Okay, So tell us you know, one way Kayyo is different and better than all these other artist out there.

Kalvin “Yagga”:            Man, Kayyo has his style. Kayyo, as his producer has his own vocals and he writes, he sings and most of all a humble kid.

Craig Bellot:     Welcome back everyone. Craig Bellot here on Numusiczone TV we’re here with Kayyo- Dominican Rapper and singer here in New York City.

So, Kayyo born in Dominica grew up there and still live there.  Tell us what it’s like being a musician or rapper in Dominica trying to boost your career.

Kalvin “Yagga”:            Ahmm, It’s not the best place to be. I’m gonna say that because the market is not my type of music, I do. It’s a different market so basically, I just have to expand. So I see some other places. America is a good place to do It though.

Craig Bellot:     Alright, a lot of artist we have in Dominica trying to do hip-hop as well as other genres. What are some other things you’re doing to really I guest break out to that market and go those market more receptive of your genre.

Kayyo:              I try to make my music urban, not stick to one trying to box me in. I try to make it so a lot of people can really receive it basically.

Craig Bellot:     What are some other techniques you use to give that international appeal as a pull to such as staying local?

Kayyo:              One- beats, and my pronunciation of how I rap. The way I rap and I trying to keep it not too lyrical but basically so they can understand and get what I’m saying.

Craig Bellot:     Okay, good. And what some other things you do to promote your music now and you know just to get it out there.

Kayyo:              Youtube, facebook, twiiter social media basically for right now. That’s what I do.

Craig Bellot:     Okay great! Alright guys so, this is Kayyo , you’re gonna see a lot of his new video s here on as well. So, check it out.

Craig Bellot:     Alright guys there you have it Kayyo the Dominican artist and rapper doing his thing right here in New York City. Opening up for Meek Mill in Minnesota as well as some other big time artist.  Wanna urge you to check out he’s videos right here in also check out all the latest Caribbean music from reggae to soca to dancehall, you’re latest 2013 tunes right here on Check out our facebook page, our youtube page and our page as well. Like us, share us and stay tuned for another episode of numusiczone TV.

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