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James Bond – Skyfall OST

James Bond‘s new SKYFALL OST features original music composed by Thomas Newman, featuring pop superstar Adele on the theme song “Skyfall”.  Other artists on the  album include Thomas Bowes, George Doering, Frank Ricotti, Phil Todd & Sonia Slany.

Skyfall starts with an excellent opening track but quickly becomes forgetful as it moves along.  Zimmer is fantastic as is his scores for the last five films however his work on Batman trilogy beat this one by far.  “Breadcrumbs” is a good reminder although the James Bond theme becomes a bit tacky when run throughout the entire song.

This soundtrack would’ve been fine on any other action movie if it wasnt a bond film.  With too slight a feel of a Bond soundtrack maybe more of the traditional strings would have given that nostalgic feel.  Out of ten we have given this album a six.

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