Machal Montano

Machel Montano Performs at Washington DC Carnival.

CRAIG BELLOT:           Hi everyone, NuMusicZone TV here with the big man himself. The king of Soca, the Michael Jackson of Soca, Machel Montano from Trinidad.

CRAIG BELLOT:           So Machel you have this big show tonight in Washington DC for the carnival I mean what is it like for you at the stage.

MACHEL MONTANO: I mean this is my first time in DC Carnival in a minute I mean maybe two years, but it’s a minute. You know it’s always good to be back in DC. DC Carnival is one of the carnivals I remember walking on the main street, do the Mudmas. I remember from small. So I always loved it you know. And so as the New York Mudmas, and it’s good to be back. You know? Especially doing this in all of the venue, in this large scale. It’s like a big achievement. I’m writing them up on tour with Pitbull so I have to derail to come to do the show. But it’s important while you know we make it inverse into the international market we still keep doing the local stuff.

CRAIG BELLOT:           I watched one of your interviews where you’re on a radio show and you really said something that impacted me; that you did not perform for Trinidad Carnival just to be in the studio trying to work the Soca music to get it on the international scene. Tell us what’s that’s like.

MACHEL MONTANO:  I’ve grown up within Soca music and for me you know it’s always innovation it’s always taking it to a higher level working with people like DJ Plum, Pitbull, I was able to produce records actually we have one hit song on the Billboard charts right now. It had to take a little time off from the normal regular Soca market to actually dive into what is the physics behind getting international hits so I have to sacrifice something and at the same time I still see it as me doing what I have been put here to do which is to keep on revolutionizing Soca always taking it further and further.

CRAIG BELLOT:           Is that one of the things you think made you so popular? – You’re always modernizing the Soca, always giving it your own style, I mean what do you think it was?

MACHEL MONTANO:  I mean God’s blessings. Popularity is just something that is just second sequence. It’s how hard you work. You know what you put in it is what you get, it’s all done. The fans, they all appreciate what I do. I work hard and I give them a lot. So they give me about the same love.

CRAIG BELLOT:           Alright. So what do you think some of the things, secret things in the studio that you put in those songs that really, you know hooked the people man?

MACHEL MONTANO:  A lot of focus, a lot of shoot. Sing about the realities of our life and we try to put things that make us feel that vibe for ourselves once we’re happy. Once we’re happy and true to yourself, and your core, you’ll need a singing something that that you really wanna go there every night and sing about it you really wanna go and see this. You know it will ring true to people because people will share the same experience with you and that’s what why I like to keep my music true and real. I like to uplift you know. Give people joy as feet and make them go for glory and they can achieve. Always positive music for me I think that works. It’s what it does.

CRAIG BELLOT:           Ok. So give us your piece of advice for upcoming artists what they can do to get there name out there?

MACHEL MONTANO:  I mean you gotta work hard. You gotta have faith. Focus and don’t see this music business as a party because you know we’re in parties every night but at the same time we’re working. And you really have to want to share with people, you want to have to give them your all; give them your best. What you put in this is what you are going to get. Be in a way of what you you really believe.

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