Multi-talented Melinda Ulysses Unleashes Skills for Miss Dominica 2013

The motivation to enter the competition for Melinda stemmed from the fact that it offers multiple opportunities for self expression. “I am one for positive influence and being a queen contestant offers just that. The chance to positively influence others.” A sense of curiosity also fuelled Miss Ulysses’s desire to enter the competition. “I believed that I was smart and presentable enough so I went for it.

Melinda prides herself on her singing talent, and to relax and unwind she listens to music, whether it be that of her own, or that of her favorite artists.

“Local music and culture made me who I am”. “The way that I speak, and look, I am very proud to be Dominican and I bask in the fact that I speak Creole, and even write songs Creole”.

Melinda argues that Dominica is overflowing with talent, remarkable talent that needs only to be unleashed unto this world. She entered the competition with confidence because of her already active musical life.

“Winning the competition will mean that I have won twice”. “I already won by entering the competition because it takes a lot of bravery and confidence to even decide to partake in the first place. It would mean more songs from Mel-C, and better opportunities to show the world what DOMINICA has to offer”. By placing herself on the market to promote Dominica’s culture and the island itself, Melissa hopes to have the opportunity to finally spread her message to the world.