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Midnight Groovers- 38 Albums later.

Midnight Groovers – 38 albums later. by numusiczone

Craig Bellot:       Welcome everyone to another episode of NuMusicZone TV. We’re here in Dominica, the World Creole Music Festival. We’re gonna be talking to Midnight Groovers, The legendary Midnight Groovers. Fifty years in the music business, legendary cadence-lypso group of Dominica. So, stay tuned we’re gonna be right back.

Craig Bellot:        Welcome back everyone, Craig Bellot here at NuMusicZone TV. We’re here at the World Creole Music Festival. Midnight Groovers just got up the stage. We’re here with Chubby, the legendary Lead Singer of Midnight Groovers. So Chubby, you guys have been going on you know, forty or fifty years now. I mean, what keeps you guys going after so many years. 

Chubby:               Well, we have forty years since we’ve been together. But you know, it’s just the good spirits of life that I was going. God gave us the wisdom and the knowledge to do good music but the original Midnight Groovers March of a 1978. And then after that I remember we’re still together, we’re getting new fellows, and then we kept the groove going until these times, up till DC.

Craig Bellot:       Ok so, what do you put in the songs to really give it that real you know, Dominican flavor, the real cadence flavor. What is the secret to the lyrics, to the melodies that really gives you that flavor?

Chubby:               Well you know, Cadence music been made through Calypso, Masouk, and Bele. So you’ll find all kinds of a Calypso feel, you’ll hear an African kind of feel. So well I guess the final product is that we run back in, where we from is a place, where people from there, hear it quick for good feelings; like independence, how they grow up on the hills. The place is uhm, revolutionary.

Craig Bellot:       Well you guys have definitely revolutionized the Dominican music industry. You know, coming from so long and still going strong right now. That’s just a testament to the real power of the music. I mean, where is Midnight Groovers performing next after this?

Chubby:               Well I think after the Creole Festival we are supposed to be in Saint Thomas in November and I think we’re supposed to have another show in Saint Claire, and from that we’re hoping to be in New York for the song and next year and so.

Craig Bellot:       So what do you think the promoters see in this cadence music that really gets you these guys, gets you this gigs over and over and over?

Chubby:               Well, All that I can say is the feeling in the music. The love on the feeling.  It’s a music that can educate the youth or educate the elder. So I mean its good music. So if you feel the tourism in the coming long year, I am surprised to see them behind my music because they don’t know what’s Saint Creole, and they are behind the music because they love the beat, so the beat is unique, yeah.

Craig Bellot:       So what do you advice do you have for Dominican artist. You know, they wanna create this long lasting music like Chubby does. So what do you think you can tell them- the young, the musicians to really get to that next level?

Chubby:               Well, especially this time which we live in now, I have to say its revolution times. I am all about things, happening different things. Man doesn’t naïve in love like before. So you’ll find the youth now even if they play with musicians it may be hard for them to catch the right trance. If they say the right things in the music then the music will last forever but if they come send the wrong thing like slack, it won’t last. But providing like Bob Marley, he’s a man that’s gone through life and a new life and sing about life. Just like me I knew life, I sing about life. I cannot sing about that I have no control in life. So you’ll find the youth have to be the same thing, he may play the Bouyon or different rhythm but use the right words in the music.

Craig Bellot:       So the lyrics, you think is the big key. Talk about the relevant topic.

Chubby:               Yes, yes, yes. Because people learn by music. So if you curse in the music it’s what they themselves will see. So if you see some good at it, what they themselves will see is right and people will learn by that.

Craig Bellot:       Alright Chubby well thanks for talking to us man, great performance today. So guys you can check out Midnight Groovers this December. Big show in Dominica and we’re gonna take this quick brake and we’re gonna be come back.

Chubby:               Ok, I’m Chubby of Midnight Groovers. And you’re watching NuMusicZone.

Craig Bellot:        Welcome back everyone, Craig Bellot here at NuMusicZone TV. We’re here at the World Creole Music Festival. We’re talking with the legendary Midnight Groovers . This is Marcel Mark- The Keyboardist for the band.

So, Marcel I’ve heard you guys are coming out with the new album you know dedicated to Haiti. Could you tell us about what went into that album?

Marcel :                Well this album uhm… this disaster happen to Haiti right?. So we created an album about it and that album will consulate to Haiti.

Craig Bellot:       That’s a good idea man. Coz you know a lot of tragedy happen there. And I guess everybody’s doing that tribute. Midnight Groovers should really do a tribute. So, what’s your role in creating the album? I mean, what instruments do you play?

Marcel:                 Well, I play keyboard and guitar and I do the arrangements.

Craig Bellot:       So, when you guys record a song, what shall be come to you with the lyrics. So, what do you put down on arrangements? How does the flow work in the studio?

Marcel:                 Well yes, we seek the one and do the arrangements, in different works and bring the music together.

Craig Bellot:       So where is Midnight Groovers gonna be playing after this Creole Festival. When is the next big show for you guys?

Marcel:                 Hopefully in December, we have a big show with different groups coming up.

Craig Bellot:       Is that in Dominica or is it Foreign?.

Marcel:                 In Dominica.

Craig Bellot:       Well you guys did a great performance and what kind of advice could you have for the Dominican musician to make that real music. Not anything that you know you can just throw away, that disposable music. Give us your advice for Dominican musician to make some music that last about generations just like Midnight Groovers music.

Marcel:                 Well, the advice I’ll give for the young musician coming up is to uhm do some good lyrics. So they have to sit down and create good harmony music and we have to change something in the lyrics to blend the lyrics for the young people to do something good.

Craig Bellot:       What do you think is wrong with our lyrics right now in terms of the young people’s music?

Marcel:                 Well many of the groups we have around, they are not concerned about the system. I believe that in the generation we have now, we have to sit down and give them the right track of the bad things their doing and the good. Because you see there are so many crimes happening in the world now, and the musicians now, what they have to do is to sit down and make good music to educate the people- the young people that’s coming up. Because if you don’t do that in time to come the whole world will be in chaos so you have to teach the good and the way you can do that is through music.

Craig Bellot:       Alright guys, that’s some great advice from Marcel Mark. The keyboardist/ arranger for the Midnight Groovers. You know, create some really good music to educate the young people out there.

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