Miss Caribbean United States Pageant 2013 to be Streamed Live Online

I’m sure everybody from Caribbean is waiting on who will be crowned for this year’s Miss Caribbean United States. Beautiful and young ladies living or born in Caribbean, Central and South America will represent their state and compete to get the title. The crowned beauty will stand as the Miss USA at the Miss Caribbean Hibiscus, Miss Caribbean World, and Miss Jaycees pageants.

This year’s biggest event will be on Saturday November 2: 6 pm at Baruch Performing Arts Center in New York and will also streamed live on 
The streaming will also start at 6pm on Saturday November 2 and will cost $15 for a pay-per-view.

Titlists are on a whole year campaign throughout the country for promoting Caribbean, Central and South America’s very own culture and beauty.

The most prestigious title holders in the US are the beauty queens that are holding the national and state titles. These queens will be seen by over 12 million people as they make appearances in many major events in the Caribbean Carnivals, parades, concerts, venues and charity events as they hold their crowns for an entire year.

Every year as part of the tour, our deep dedication to the values of education and health care within Caribbean and South America inspired many young students in inner city schools as title holders emphasize the value of a good educational attainment as a foundation in making it to their dreams.
Standing by to our beliefs that we can make a difference, our title holders also participate in health events like AIDS walk, breast cancer awareness and outreach programs like food drives for the poor and homeless.

It is the only Caribbean themed pageant in the U.S. that presents the USA in international pageants. And they are not just positioned on the pageant world but also to show how beautiful the Caribbean, Central and South American community is.

Miss Antigua- Miss Talia Thomas

“My goals and ambitions include becoming Miss Howard University and being a role model to my college peers, finishing college and obtaining degrees in both Law and Psychology, and going to Law school and one day becoming the first African American female United States Attorney General.”

 Miss Atlantic City Carnival – Miss Stephanie Marie Miles from Jamaica and Barbados

“My current focus is to obtain a dual degree in communication sciences and disorders- Speech Language pathology and Mass Media Broadcast journalism. I plan to eventually work with individuals with speech impediments who would like to enter the field of broadcast journalism.
My ultimate goal in life is to open a speech language pathology clinic for underprivileged children living with autism. Communication is an extremely important area of life as it is the way that we express ourselves and for that reason, I have chosen to put my heart into this field.”

Miss Barbados- Marsha Thompson

Born In Barbados Marsha is a graduate of NYU, She is currently Pursuing a Career as a Model/Actress while working as a Major event planner in the US.

Miss Haiti – Miss Gabrielle Previlon

“I have MANY goals and aspirations in life! Seeking out God as my saviour, living life to the FULLEST, and helping and touching the hearts of whoever I come to past on my journey through life itself. I plan on becoming a Pediatrician. Why you may ask? Well Since I was a child I was always intrigued by helping others and also by the Human body itself. It is a remarkable creation! And with the proper education and nourishment It can thrive. Unfortunately, some people may not have the money or resources needed due to restrictions much influenced by funding and unavailability.. My goal is to seek those who need the help the most such as the Children in countries much like the one of my heritage (Haiti). After all, they are our future.”

Miss Jamaica – Miss Ashley Clarke

Ashley Clarke has never let her circumstances kill her ambition. Although raised by a single mother, she was instilled with the necessary discipline to secure her future. Ashley has admirably balanced school, work, and responsibilities within her household, while pursuing her dream. She realized the only way to attain a happy life was to not only excel in education, but to pursue her aspirations as well. Ashley is striving to pursue a career in Modelling and Acting. She strives to be an exceptional and memorable model/actress within the entertainment industry. She’s aiming to expand her experience further in Fashion Runway Shows, Commercial Print, Promotional Modelling, and Video Shoots.

Miss Latina Caribbean – Miss Damaris Canales from Puerto Rico

“I look forward to using my major in English a minor in Media journalism to write truth. To use words that will inspire many generations of women to never be afraid of who they are, and most importantly feel free to express it.”

Miss Caribbean New Jersey – Miss Tasheika Scott from Jamaica

“My goal is to learn as much as I can to be a news reporter, where I plan on going back to the Caribbean to start my career”.

Miss Pennsylvania – Miss Stephanie Reyes from Dominican Republic

“Becoming successful is normally the overall goal and achievement we strive for in life. I want to be able to help our future generation better understand that no matter what obstacles, trials or tribulations in life that they might encounter always follow their dreams and hearts and never give up through the faith of the lord above everything will prevail. My overall goal would be to build a school for the arts for underprivileged kids/teens in the Caribbean Community of North Philadelphia”.

Miss Puerto Rico – Miss Bianca Baez

Bianca Baez is a recent graduate of Pace University where she received her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Psychology. Miss Baez an accomplished Salsa dancer and Runway Model plans to attend Law School and pursue a career as a Defence Attorney. Bianca says she loves her Culture and plans on sharing that love with the world.

Miss Saint Kitts and Nevis – Miss Colette Nicole Stapleton

Miss Stapleton has the heart of a dancer with the passion for teaching youth in education and about life. Colette’s goals include teaching Adolescent Education because she enjoys helping young people excel academically and learn about life’s journeys. Miss Stapleton is also working toward opening a dance school for kids and adolescents. Colette will also be expanding her existing organization, Divine Sisters, in St. Kitts which is a Support Group for females between the ages of 15-25 and she strives toward encouraging, inspiring and advising them mentally, spiritually and educationally.

The 2013 Miss Caribbean United States Pageant will take place on Sat Nov 2nd at Baruch Performing Arts Center in New York. Preliminaries and Talent Start at 2pm Ticket Price $20. Finals Start at 6pm, Ticket Price $30. Combo Ticket to both events $40. for ticket info contact 347-750-7611

The show will be streamed live this Saturday Nov 2nd starting at 6pm at The pay-per-view price will be $15.

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