What Will Dominica Be Like In 50 Years?

“Change is the only constant in life.” ~Heraclitus

50 years into the future how do you imagine Dominica?  Technologically advanced?  A metropolis maybe, or another devastated, brain drained island once paradise?

I know how I would like to see Dominica in 50 years, but I also have to be realistic about my vision.

Technological advancements

My vision for my country falls in line with the changes which I see in the world.  Technological advancements would be at the forefront of my mind.  IPads, IPhones, and tablets will definitely be more abound.  Mobile banking, life at the tip of one’s fingers, just as it exists in other areas of the world, would also exist in my country.

Economic Stability

I imagine an island paradise with much needed infrastructural improvements. Land developments, increases in production of goods and services, and ease of movement within and throughout the island.

Personal Development

The people of my island paradise will ultimately determine the productivity or lack therof.  I see the people succumbing to the wave of educational advancements. There will be more Dominicans educated as doctors, lawyers and ministers.

Embrace Diversity

I also imagine that the Dominica of the future will fully embrace cultural diversity as it exists in other countries. Dominica will no longer be an island of just “Dominicans”.   There will be Haitians, Hispanics, an Asian population and several other cultures co-existing. Dominica will be a multi-faceted, multi-cultural group of people existing and working towards uplifting the country.

I have big dreams for my country. Progress, education and cultural diversity will create pathways for my Dominica….50 years into the future.

What do you see in Dominica’s future?

  • Nature island boy

    I did not realize that we had a problem with ‘ease of movement within and throughout the island’. Is there?