Nadira Lando

Nadira Lando’s Secret To Winning Pageants

Nadira Lando’s Secret To Winning Pageants

Craig Bellot:  Welcome everyone to another episode of NuMusicZoneTV. I’m Craig Bellot your host here. Today we’re here with Nadira Lando, Miss Jaycess 2012, Miss Dominica 2012 and Miss Caribbean World, the winner of all these competition.

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Craig Bellot:  Welcome back everyone, Craig Bellot here on NuMusicZone TV. We’re here with Nadira Lando, current queen of Dominica. Miss Dominica 2012, Jaycess, Caribbean Queen and also Miss Caribbean World.

So Nadira take us back to your childhood. Tell us how you grew up.

Nadira Lando:     Well, I was born on the Kalinago Territory and I stayed there for like two years. Then I moved to Calibishie, Roseau, and then finally I settle in Bioche.

Craig Bellot:  OK is that where you chose to live in or is that where circumstances had you ended up?

Nadira Lando:     It was circumstances, I was very young

Craig Bellot: Ok, so what age did you have interest in pageants and competitions?

Nadira Lando:     Well, as a teenager I was always fascinated with the pageants, especially the Queen show. I don’t really look at the teen age pageants; and I am like one day, I might enter competitions like that just to see what it’s like. Getting closer to my seventeen, eighteen, I’m like: ok I think I should do it, and when I’m eighteen, not just for the curiosity but to see what I can bring out – I mean I am a Kalinago and over the years Kalinago contestants   don’t really win. So I’m like if I ever do it I might win and like represent the Kalinago people so I give it a try; And the long behold, that same year and last year (well I wasn’t suppose to enter last year), I mean I’m shy  I’m not really going to do it then there was a shortage of girls, so I’m like, ok this might be my chance so I went for it, I got in so right here, right now, I’m Miss Dominica.

Craig Bellot:­­        Ok. So as a member of the Kalinago, how does that influence growing up a childhood, how does other people influence you?

Nadira Lando:     Well from young, most of the people would look down at the Kalinago saying that they are not as intelligent or not  as hard-working as others but I decided to have a change of attitude to look on that and I decided going to the pageant  to try my best to be above the rest, to be myself.

Craig Bellot:  So Nadira, What is the one thing kept you in mind from this competition, about yourself.

Nadira Lando:     Well, I learned that I’m much more confident. I joined the pageant I was not so confident but I’m going through the pageant especially acting Miss Dominica. I knew that entering the regional pageant would be very tough and it was my first. So I was like a bit scared going to the regional pageant but one side, God there when first in Tortola and seen that there are seventeen other girls participating, I was like “Wow”. I’m not sure If I am going to do this but I will try my best and that alone was a great stepping stone for me because interacting with the girls and hear about the cultures of different Caribbean Islands, It helped me a lot to promote my country more and with all the talking and speaking and meeting a lot of different people, people that would not normally meet on a daily basis. It made me more confident.

Craig Bellot:  In addition to self-confidence, what do you think is the thing, really thing that brought you through as the winner of this competition? What is the thing that would you set you apart from the other girls?

Nadira Lando:     I would say it’s being very natural. Because entering the pageant, you will see some of the contestants putting on too much. What I mean to is not too much make-up but putting on too much of a charade. While you have to do is just remain natural and the judges will see that you’re natural.

Craig Bellot:  That’s a good advice. So, in other pieces of advice to this year’s contestant s going out to the competitions what other advice would you be able to give them?.

Nadira Lando:     I’ve seen the girls and I’m not saying the things like “the group is a really, really talented group”. And I, usually watching the pageant I was saying like “this girls has her talent she might win but this…”instead  this girls, you cannot really say because they’re all talented, they’re all beautiful and I would just say that they need to be remain confident and remain peaceful. Because you would see that before the end pageant, girls will get up with wild up. When the competition is very near, they would start hating each other and exchanging bad words. When just for good you have to remain friends. When you remain like this and you enter the pageant like this and remain confident on stage, it would do well.

Craig Bellot:  So Nadira tell us what is your outlook on your life for the next five years. Where do you see yourself?

Nadira Lando:     Hopefully, I see myself in Law School. I’ll fly to a university in Barbados, if I I’m gonna be accepted I will start.

Craig Bellot:        What interests you about law?

Nadira Lando:     Growing up, I would always see that some people aren’t treated that fairly and I would not want that for my family members  or myself. So I decided I will, I would help them, I want to become a lawyer to insure that all people are served justly.

Craig Bellot: Growing in Dominica, what  do you  think  are the things that you can do to improve Dominica tourist destinations?

Nadira Lando: I would say that Dominica needs focus on eco-tourism and I applaud that and we just have to continue, we have to insure every market as Dominica as the nature ally of the world.  Because sometimes I myself I go to some places and I go to some of the most beautiful spots and I’m like why aren’t  these being marketed, or shown to the rest of the world? So I think if we can market Dominica properly, it will improve.

Craig Bellot;  Alright guys there you have it, Nadira Lando – winner of the Miss Caribbean World, Miss Jaycee and Miss Dominica; really a great and shining star from Dominica. Thank You for joining as here in Numusiczone TV. Were urging you to check out our website, for all the latest, greatest Caribbean music, soca, calypso, dancehall whatever you need, you can get it on Check us out on facebook as well, and and stay tuned till another great episode.

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