Imagine one place where Caribbean people can have access to all their favorite tunes. Imagine further that this place will allow them to not only listen to, download, and hear their favorite tunes, but also allows them to interact with their favorite artists, and see live shows as well. Imagine no further, as this once upon a mirage is now a reality.

The website propelled forward earlier this year. The site has answered the call, and through its recent collaborations with other Caribbean websites, is affording persons throughout the region and beyond the ability to get closer to their local artists and have access to even more of the music that they enjoy.

The site, which boasts of a myriad of regional bands and individual performers, affords patrons the opportunity to download songs of their choosing instantly to their computer. A true Caribbean I-Tunes of sort in the making. Additionally, with the broadcasting of their video production, “Behind the Music”, the site is proving to be a premier marketing site for Caribbean artists. The thirty minute video show is seen throughout the Caribbean region, in twenty one countries, and enters over 1.5 million homes. The episode delves into the lives of the musical artists. The audience is taken on a musical journey where they get to spend time with the artists and learn about them through their words. The motivational forces behind their music, their vision, and of course the sources of their inspiration are all key items of focus, during the thirty minute segment. What better way for an artist to be recognized than by bringing this artist closer to his or her fans?

The site features Caribbean music of different genres from Calypso, to Reggae, to Zouk and even Gospel. Through its popularity, the site is allowing its patrons to get a more in depth look at their favorite artists. Understanding of the cultural makeup of the artist, their background, and where they have come from as musical geniuses allows the audiences to not only form a deeper connection, but also allows for a greater appreciation of these artists as well.

Visitors to the site will also be able to purchase other live video content for minimal prices, and view shows as they are happening. The hope is that international recognition will also result from the word of mouth notoriety of the website.

The benefits to the region of the Numusiczone website cannot be denied. Artists from different countries now have an outlet to put their unique musical talent on display, and will prosper from the exposure brought to them both within their own domain, and throughout. The bonds of unity between Caribbean people will be further strengthened through the power of music.