Numusiczone & Dominica News Online Collaboration Benefits Musicians & Listeners

Dominica News Online has come to be known as a source for all things Dominican particularly in respect to current and up to date news and events on the island. The site has become a mainstay in many Dominican homes and prides itself on its ability to keep the people informed. What could be better than being able to access Dominican news from any corner of the globe you may ask? The answer? Being able to access Dominican music and shows in conjunction with the news. With that concept in mind, propelled forward earlier this year. The site has answered the call, and through its collaboration with Dominica News Online, is affording Dominicans and non-Dominicans alike, the opportunity to enjoy their usual literary news package, with the added bonus of local and regional musical content as well.

Growing up, during the Carnival season, there was nothing more appealing than being able to hear the sweet melodious bellows of calypsos resonating through the air waves. On the night of the Calypso Finals, it was customary to hear those sweet sounds echoing across the Roseau river, straight to one’s eardrums. A sound truly divine and exquisite.

For some Dominicans, the ability to hear those raw symphonies exists only as a memory. Many have chosen paths which have led to places outside of our native country. However, in this global technological age, not being physically on the island is no longer a hindrance to being able to enjoy and participate in what one’s country has to offer

The union between and Dominica News Online has illuminated Dominica, the people, and talent simultaneously. affords patrons the opportunity to download their favorite local music instantly to their computer. A true Caribbean I-Tunes of sort in the making. Additionally, the showcasing of video content from is also now a part of the total package being offered through the collaboration.

Numusiczone’s video production, “Behind the Music”, is a thirty minute video show seen throughout the Caribbean region, in 21 countries, and enters over 1.5 million homes. The episode delves into the lives of artists from Dominica and the region. This is a premier marketing tool being used to promote local calypsos, calypsonians and musicians of other genres of music alike. The program, places the spotlight on the local artists. The audience is able to spend one on one time with them and learn about them through their words. What motivates them as artists, their vision, influences and of course their sources of inspiration. What better way for an artist to be recognized than by bringing this artist closer to his or her fans? is allowing its patrons to not only get a more in depth look at their favorite artists, but it is also allowing for the development of a more interpersonal relationship. Understanding of the cultural makeup of the artist, their background, and where they have come from as musical geniuses allows the audiences to not only form a deeper connection, but also allows for a greater appreciation of these artists as well. From inception to production, we are able to see our favorite local stars on full display.

Such a unique intermingling of news and music entertainment will produce benefits for the larger community as well. If you are one of those that still has the desire to hear the sweet calypsos in your ear, is affording its clientele the opportunity, for minimal prices to view live calypso shows and tents. Visitors to the site will also be able to purchase other live video content for minimal prices, and view shows as they are happening. Who needs to be in Carnival City? When Carnival City will be right there live and direct in your living room.

International recognition will also result from the word of mouth notoriety of the Numusiczone and Dominica News Online connection. As we have already noted, most ex-patriots throughout the Diaspora and abroad utilize Dominica News Online as their source for news and information. Through the collaboration with Numusiczone it is hopeful that Caribbean people will now know that they have a one stop location to go to for local and regional music as well. The aim is that this musical and video content will be shared amongst friends and family. Regional notoriety will hopefully open the doors for international recognition.

Who can forget WCK’s “Conch-shell” and the song’s ability to transcend territorial boundaries. The Dominica News Online – collaboration will hopefully create a Conch-shell like appeal. Patrons to the Dominica News Online site will be soothed by local calypsos and music, and being able to view their local artists up close and personal will strengthen the public’s interest in these artists and thus the willingness to support them.

The myriad of benefits as a result of the marriage between Dominica News Online and cannot be denied. Our local artists will not only prosper from the exposure, but the bonds of unity between our people will further be strengthened through the power of music. As English novelist, Aldous Huxley so eloquently put it “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

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