One on One with the Queen Contestants – Leslassa Armour Shillingford

Leslassa’s motivation to enter the competition was something which began when she was in college. Having done a bit of volunteering with children and at soup kitchens, Leslassa realized that her career needed to be in a field where she could help people who needed it most. “When leaving college to enter university, I wasn’t sure what area I wanted to study so I decided to take a gap year and volunteer in different developing countries. I searched for programs that would allow me to do this. Then I realized that there are many areas I could be of use in my own country.”

What better way to help one’s country develop than to be an amazing ambassador for that country itself. An ambassador for the Nature Isle of the Caribbean must know her country by listening to those around her and has to represent her country properly as she travels both far and near. “The Miss Dominica Carnival Queen Show allows me to do all of this and more” states Miss Armour Shillingford.

Leslassa prides herself on constantly trying to understand the world not only from her point of view but from that of others as well. “Before I come to any conclusion, I ensure that I look at whatever the situation is from as many points of view as possible. By trying to understand how others interpret the world, one keeps an open mind and that’s the best way to grow and learn”.

To relax and unwind Leslassa loves to dance. Whenever she feels stressed out or just needs a little time to herself, she puts on some tunes and dances her heart away. Depending on her mood, the genre of dance will change but the most relaxing of dances to her is Ballet.

Dominican music and dance would be the two parts of the culture that has influenced Leslassa the most. Even after learning Ballet, Modern, Latin, Jazz and many other forms of dance, Leslassa admits that she still enjoys Béllé to a soulful drum beat. The music was also a way for her to cure her homesickness during her time away from the island.

For Leslassa, winning the competition will mean being an ambassador to Dominica. “There is a drive in me constantly burning to create a positive change”. “No matter the outcome, I know that the Miss Dominica Carnival Queen Pageant will be one of the steps in my life leading me and those around me towards a positive change”.