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Patrice Roberts Performs at Washington DC Carnival.

Craig Bellot:           Hello everyone, were here with Patrice Roberts from Machel Montano HD from Trinidad. So, Patrice tell us you know here in Washington D.C performance of Machel tonight. I mean, what is it like tonight?

PATRICE ROBERTS:     There’s a lot of energy tonight. I haven’t been here for like two years so I can’t wait to rag dusty and jammin’. See I started from here, and looking in the crowd and they are ready, so I am ready.

Craig Bellot:           Ok, so how long have you been performing as an artist?

PATRICE ROBERTS:     I actually have been performing seven years professionally as an artist I’m loving it. I’m loving the vibe, I’m loving just given the opportunity from Machel Montano and Bunji, and everybody to showcase myself and you know I am actually an artist, a firm artist – Patrice Roberts you know? So I’m happy. I’m just happy for the support of the fans, family, and friends.

Craig Bellot:           So how did you get first hooked up with Machel I mean to tour with him, to travel with him, to record with him?

PATRICE ROBERTS:     Actually it’s a long story you know? I hooked up with Kernel first time and you know Kernel was like you know what? this is time for you to blast up as an artist let’s go to meet Machel and I was like you know so excited from there and the rest was history but before Machel  I met Bunji , you know with Islands and everything just started moving smoothly and the rest was history.

Craig Bellot:           Ok, so I mean what we’re you first involved in was it singin’, writin’, poetry?

PATRICE ROBERTS:      Uhm, first of all I was in school and secondly I used to be singin’ calypso. I grew up singing calypso and went with all the combinations and I wanted to move forward also I wanted to be somewhere bigger and wanted to be in the footsteps of Machel Montano and everybody and here I am. You know?

Craig Bellot:           Ok. That’s great. Well you’ve been doing a good job. I mean how is the business aspect working out in Trinidad? Do you think there is still ways to go or do you think it’s getting there in terms of all business aspect of it being a full time artist?

PATRICE ROBERTS:     I think for me there’s ways to go you know. As time goes by a lot of improvement, I have to improve myself as an artist you know. Everything is not perfect. You learn how to go on you know. But right now I’m comfortable. I’m comfortable but I want more for myself. I see myself going international because I could do a lot of stuff besides Soca music. I’m versatile so, I wanna take Soca music all day and music in general.

Craig Bellot:           Do you think it’s imperative for an artist to stay in the Soca genre or do you think that you know, you wanna branch out to other genres to be a full-fledged artist well, I mean in other genres not just Soca?

PATRICE ROBERTS:     I mean for me, I wanna branch of but not forgetting where I come from you know. I wanna branch of, and take part of my culture with me if I could.

Craig Bellot:           What do you think about the Soca music right now? What do you think is missing to really take it to international level?

PATRICE ROBERTS:     For me, I think the groove. The groovy Soca is the way to go for international purposes. The fast up-tempo music, I don’t know is kinda epiphany right now that’s my think on it. But right now I think Soca music is doing great because there are a lot of young artist coming up like myself they’re doing a lot of different  stuff and the music is changing, it’s changing every single year.

Craig Bellot:           Do you think it’s changing for the better or for the worst?

PATRICE ROBERTS:     Well all the folks might think it’s changing for the worst but for me, change is good it’s changing for the better.

Craig Bellot:           Ok. And give your piece of advice for the aspiring artists out there you know they’re struggling you know, they wanna get to that next level, they see you, they see Machel I mean, give us your advice for them.

PATRICE ROBERTS:     For all the upcoming artists, you know, I know it’s rough, I know it’s tough, never give up I mean nobody said everything’s gonna be great as soon as they come out you know, just pick up yourself. You know you might fall on the way  but  just pick yourself up , dust yourself off, and go again because one day you will make it just be there to Amen, always put God first because without him nothing is possible you know just keep on keeping on sky’s the limit.

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