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Skinny Fabulous Performs at Washington DC Carnival.

Craig Bellot:           Hello everybody, welcome to the NuMusic Zone TV we’re here at the DC Carnival, big time Machel Montano show. We got Skinny Fabulous, Patricia Roberts, some of the best of the Caribbean here performing at the show tonight so stay tuned. We’re gonna give you some interviews with the artists, we’re gonna give you some highlights for the carnival, and we’re bring give some of the carnival events tomorrow.

Craig Bellot:           Hello everyone we’re here with Skinny Fabulous from St. Vincent here at the Washington DC Carnival, Machel Montano show. Skinny, tell us how long have you performing for?

Skinny Fabulous:   Uhm, Professionally?

Craig Bellot:           Yeah.

SKINNY FABULOUS:   About seven years on the underground market now and long before that you know, as an artist trying to find his way. I’ve been doing it for a while you know.

Craig Bellot:           So from not professionally, I mean when was the first time you decided to start at music?

SKINNY FABULOUS:     Really? Uhm in…form three in a music class in my secondary school. That’s where know how to do my thing you know, and I formed myself right there.

Craig Bellot:           Ok. So what did you start with? Singing, rapping, writing?

SKINNY FABULOUS:      Actually I started in dance soul. You know I was a very good lyricist back then you know.  And if you here some of my music now you could always tell that there’s a sense of dance soul passion behind it. But as time evolved I have to evolve I have to evolve with the Soca as well you know.

Craig Bellot:           Ok so what made you leave the dance soul and really focus on the Soca?

SKINNY FABULOUS:     Well, to be quite honest with you coming from St. Vincent, or should I say not being a Jamaican. You know I mean it forces you to adapt to your environment and fuse your passion to what is expected of you so to speak you know.

Craig Bellot:           So do you think [as an] emerging artist coming up say [for example], you really want to sing reggae, do you think it’s really imperative for you to move to Jamaica to make it as an artist?

SKINNY FABULOUS:     Not really. You know it will just take a lot more dedication and you have to get your market and on PR you know to do that. You know what I mean? For me, I think I was more interested in getting the acknowledgement as an artist, and the quickest way to do that is to sing the type of music that you are expected to sing. ‘Cause if I go to Jamaica right now, I could work a lot of the producers ‘cause they know the name Skinny Fabulous. So I can always go back to my passion. You know what I mean? So it’s just different ways of reaching the same place basically.

Craig Bellot:           So what is your goal I mean in you know in the next five years where/what does Skinny Fabulous see himself?

SKINNY FABULOUS:     You know, most artists will tell you they wanna be the best. I don’t wanna believe in this “best artist” thing because I think all of us are pretty good in our own right. So all of us are best artist, but I just want to be in a category of the best artist. You know what I mean? So in the next five years I want Skinny Fabulous to be a household name like Cheerios, like Corn Flakes, Skinny Fabulous and Corn Flakes is the same thing.

Craig Bellot:           (Chuckles) Alright, so give us some you know, secrets on-stage and what do you really do to get the crowd involved, to really get the people feeling your music. I mean, how do you do it?

SKINNY FABULOUS:     You know, I just try figuring it out all by myself in there but, I think Skinny Fabulous has a certain presence and I bring a lot of my own personality to the stage. So instead of being very mechanical and very routine, you know I am a very spontaneous performer and I thought of interaction sometimes. You know what I mean? I’m a walking x-ray you have to watch me. Boom!

Craig Bellot:           Alright, so how does it feel to be performing you know, with some of the big guys, with Machel Montano. I mean what is it like for you?

SKINNY FABULOUS:       Yeah well I mean, the first time I performed with Marshall was two-three years ago and that time it was an experience and it still is because Marshall is a, for lack of better words a perfectionist . So, you got to pick up a few things on the way and he gets himself involved in every aspect of it including in sound and engineering, should force you to be an all-around artist and know what’s going on all the time. That’s what I experienced. You what I mean?

Craig Bellot:           So give us you final piece of advice for aspiring artists out there you know. What is the secret? Is it in your content, your lyrics, your beat? What is it there that really hooks the people to your music?

SKINNY FABULOUS:     Let me tell you. If the man who has the formula to be a successful artist would be an infinitely rich man. There’s no way to formulate it. Stick into what you believe in, stick into your art form, stick into your style, and listen to criticism. You know what I mean? Expect the obstacles and expect the haters, and expect the negativity it’s all part of your growth. You know what I mean?  Stick to what you love and do it at your best.

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