Sour Sour

Sour Sour Uncutt and Uncensored Releases New 2013 Track!

CRAIG BELLOT: So, Sour tell us about that hit “Yaw Yaw”. You know what were you thinking when you really wrote that tune.

SOUR SOUR:  Well when I put my selection together. I said, “wow”. I thought that would be marvelous. Next thing, I passed by some people they say, “Wow! Want to hear that”. They heard that over the media. So I said: “It did good”. They said: “Yeah it’s good.” So I end up coming up and boosting it up.

CRAIG BELLOT: Alright, so you know, take us back to the beginning. How did you really start writing songs? From what age did you really become interested in music?

SOUR SOUR:  Well, from a length of time, I started singing in 1993 and never give up until this time. Because I just watching what’s going on, not talking, reading, doing those simple thing, what I can do. My favorite is going on the sea, catch fish, you know? Sometime, I do not catch. When I see my style, comes a boat load of fish. I’m making up my little tracks in them, my selection together and coming out straight.

CRAIG BELLOT: So, when was the first you decided to enter the calypso competition? I mean, what was that like?

SOUR SOUR:  Well my first year started, it was with Cool Pipe. That was in 1993 to 1994. And I end up getting half wood march. Me and King get tied up together for the road. So we shared half to half.

CRAIG BELLOT: Yeah, Cool Pipe I remember that song. You know, I was just a young boy that time. But you know, that song was really catchy and it really capture the people as well.

What Kind of topics do you use to write the songs to catch the people?

SOUR SOUR:  Well, it’s my brain. I use good topics that will suit in the nation. The public also they appreciate my topics. Because they’re finding where I’m getting my topics from. I tell them it’s my brain.

CRAIG BELLOT: Alright guys, we’re gonna take a quick break. We’re gonna give you some more Sour Sour.

SOUR SOUR:   *Singing “Yaw, Yaw”*.

CRAIG BELLOT: But Sour, tell us about the first time you come into New York to perform. I mean, what was that like?

SOUR SOUR:  Well, it’s like. First time I’m coming in to America. I feel nice, but it does not upset to wrong me.Like the lady that brought me up and Mr. WaIikum I got a bit confused and plus how they treat me,  I did not say it’s bad, but how they approach me by the time I went to the train. I felt messed up. I said to him straight. He told me: “If anyone asked you, asked me, liked you called me to give you (Sour Sour) a gig”, to send him to you because it’s you (Mr. Walikum) and the lady who brought you up. When there was somebody who asked me, I told you to tell the guy that it is you who gives the approval.

CRAIG BELLOT: To give you another gig on the side.

SOUR SOUR:  I send him to you (Mr. Walikum), by the time I came along and see the big ball in the big city…

CRAIG BELLOT: That’s in Time Square.

SOUR SOUR:  He called me on my cell insulting me up on my mother. My mother this, my mother that. Anyway, he told me to come. When we come back, he told me why have to send anybody to him and asked for gig. I tell him, “You told me if in case, anybody come to me for gigs. I’ll send them to you”.  What’s wrong I did?

CRAIG BELLOT: So, okay. I figured that’s the right thing to do, if he’s the one who brought you. You know he should be the one to be contact to give you those gig. But besides, how was the gig performing last year. Would you say it was a successful gig or would you say that you could have been treated a little better?

SOUR SOUR:  Well, for sure because I could get something much better. I have to say for anybody, for the time he to start to insult me, I said my head hurts.

CRAIG BELLOT: Alright guys, that was Sour Sour last year running into a little issue with some other promoters up here. We’re gonna take a quick brake and we’re gonna be right back.

SOUR SOUR:  * Singing*

CRAIG BELLOT: Welcome back everyone, Craig Bellot here in NuMusicZone TV. We have a special guest Sour Sour the Road March King of Dominica for 2011.

So Sour Sour, the people wanted and really wanna know, who is the man behind the music. Take us in a day, in a life of Sour Sour back at home in Dominica.

SOUR SOUR:  Well that man is I and I only. I’m a proud fisherman but music makes me good. I feel proud in the music session. Anytime I come to make my music, I use my brain. Especially when I went to Barbados to get that VISA. They told me to put my fingers as so (pretend finger printing process). Next thing, when I go facing the guy, the man started talking like a cat ( Meow…meow) I hardly understand,  so not until Mr. Walikut came, and helped me out and signed and gave identical ID’s and so I end up passing through.

CRAIG BELLOT: So you finally got through the visa process with the help of Mr. Walikut Charles and he really helped you. So what was it like talking to these guys I mean were you scared? Were you for sure that you are gonna get it? How did that happened?

SOUR SOUR: I’m not scared. I’m not scared because I was positive I was sitting with my hands (clasping), I’m proud of myself. Especially when we come in, when the plane was in the air when the air pocket got the plane sucked with them I said “God Yeah!!!” (Raising his hands) . That’s nothing to me because these boats I deal with, these boats always come up and down, up and down and I’m calm with that. So I passed through.

CRAIG BELLOT: So, I understand that you are one of the only performers that got a ten-year visa from Barbados. I mean how do you feel about that?

SOUR SOUR: It’s not a ten-year visa. I got a visa, a PVisa, for five years.

CRAIG BELLOT: Five years? Ok.

SOUR SOUR: Well that time it was me alone not went off. But I penetrate. I had a chick there, oh my God, lovely baby. She appreciate me, the way my style be, the way I speak – welcomed.

CRAIG BELLOT: I see you finally got it and you’re on the plane getting in to New York City. How did that go on with you?

SOUR SOUR: Well my boss man and his wife, did something for me man. They can see that I got this for the first time. And we already treat them too so they decide to bring me up.

CRAIG BELLOT: So this show, this year is even bigger and better and for Sour Sour its gonna be an even better show.

SOUR SOUR: Oh my God! I’ve some hits commin’ up. It’s gonna be in the show, so gotta hear my hits in there.

CRAIG BELLOT: Alright guys, so we’re gonna take a quick break. So when we come back, we’re gonna wrap up with Sour Sour and the show in Labour Day time in New York City 2012.

CRAIG BELLOT:Sour Sour is performing this weekend at the Labour Day Festivities.

So Sour, tell us about the show your performing at the New York City this year.

SOUR SOUR:  Well, the music I will come out with this year are some, probably if they play for me – the band, I’ll come out with Balaw, I’ll come out with Peace on Inch, I’ll come out with Cool Pipe, and I’ll come out with Yaw-Yaw.

CRAIG BELLOT: So they’ll gonna get all the hit of Sour Sour this weekend. Tell us you know, a little bit about the calypsonians you look up to in the scene back in Dominica even in the other countries. If you listen to, what some other musician you listen to?

SOUR SOUR:  Oh, that’s a great great great idea. You see, I love the man Hunter, Checko and Sye. Sye is a great guy of mine, I love it. And next one Checker, I love this guy. They are fabulous.  And next one that I really appreciate is Daddy Chess. And one thing with me I straight, I appreciate them. That’s all I can say. Thank You.

CRAIG BELLOT: Alright, so tell us what you are coming with us, what will you gonna give us next year for the carnival. Can you give us a little sample of what you have a stuff for us next year.

SOUR SOUR:  My God, I don’t know want them to volier at you know.

Alright, thank you, good to go.

CRAIG BELLOT: Alright guys there you have it Sour Sour The Road March King 2011 from Dominica. Here in New York City will gonna be performing for the Labour Day Festivities. We wanna thank you for joining us this chat with Sour Sour. Wanna urge you to check out our site for all your calypso music from this year, from the past. All the latest Kings you can get on numusiczone and check out NuMusicZone TV for all the latest episode of the Dominican Calypso and Caribbean artist. So stay tuned till the next episode.

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