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The #1 Reason Why Cornell Phillip Left WCK.

Numusiczone TV speaks with the #1 producer of Dominican music, Cornell Phillip. A pioneer of Bouyon Music, Cornell speaks out on his struggles and successes with WCK, and the plans for his new band, Fanatik. Learn what Cornell thinks is the biggest obstacle holding back Caribbean music.

Keyboardist, Entreproducer, and founder of Craig's main focus is to help Caribbean artists earn the most revenue from their music.

  • Cornell Phillip

  • Jenelle Shillingford-Pileta

    My uncle is simply the best!

  • Universe

    This was a very interesting interview.I always wondered what WCK meant.
    Great interview~~~~

  • Thanks people.

  • clementmcintyre

    Very very interesting interview. It was a treat listening to Cornell's views and plans for Dominica's music and music on a whole. Cornell is a musical genius and I am looking forward to hearing more from his new band, Fanatik.

  • He is very talented, I myself am looking forward to hearing fanatik's tracks.

  • natralvybzinternational

    This was a stunning interview. It's right on Que where musicians should aspire to achieve!

    This is Julian “Jew” Elwin, Manager of Natral Vybz International currently ranked by Ian Jackson of the Sun Newspaper as “The Number One Reggae Band in Dominica”. Cornell Phillip is truely Dominican.

    Just think of the terranious condition our foreparent had to face and the innovation required by them to take Dominica to the next level. Cornell Phillip has done just that in development of Dominican Music and marketing to the rest of the World.

    Like Cornell said “I'm not perfect…” but he did what very few people could do…natrally!!

    Congrats to our World famous Dominican Cornell Phillip.

    “All Muzik, Highest Level, All Natral”
    Natral Vybz International

  • Joel

    This is without a doubt the best interview Numusiczone has conducted. Respect to cornell for the endless vibes!!!

  • Thanks for watching Joel.

  • Wonder

    will he not leave fanatik like he left WCK when he feels he wants to pursue other paths? Our demise in Dominica. Bands never stay together, except the original Midnight G….