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Here Are The Best Caribbean Songs For Your Next Event.

Caribbean Music and its sub-genres suit many specific occasions.

Don’t get me wrong, island jams can be played anytime, anywhere–but these events won’t be as special without Caribbean Music.


1. Dinner Party

Since these dinners demand little to no dress code or formality, some of Caribbean Music’s most laid back genres such as Reggae Music, Zouk Music, and Compa Music are perfect for these parties

I would recommend Iriemah, Emanuel I, and Carimi to serenade you at the dinner table. They’re perfect!


2. Beach Party

The one characteristic true to all Caribbean music is its infectious, rhythmic beat. Take a pair of earphones, plug it in and hit the play button for (insert familiar artist here) and you’ll feel like you’re dancing at your favorite beach blockorama.

Be it seaside chill time or a wild beach party–Caribbean Music is the only way to go.

Reggae Music is a very good choice if you just want to chill and sip that coconut dry. Aside from the great Bob Marley, try Nicole Christian, Temptatious, Ozan, and the artists listed here.


3. Barbeque Night

Though Jazz or Country music work on barbeque nights, if you want to be cool for once, try throwing in some Caribbean beats like Dancehall Music, Calypso Music, and Soca Music and those nights won’t be as bad as last years’.

Not only is Caribbean Music most appropriate for outdoor activities, something in those beats makes barbeque taste better. One theory suggests that the reason for this is because the Caribbean has the tastiest grilled recipes in the continent, or possibly the world. Have you tried their pig roast?


4. Backyard Jam

Some of the earliest Caribbean songs started on the fields and streets of the Caribbean. Nothing beats Caribbean Music to bring life to a backyard jam.

Depending on the mood you want to set, almost all Caribbean Music sub-genres can be used here such as Calypso Music, Dancehall Music, Bouyon Music, Soca Music, Reggae Music, Zouk Music, Kompa Music, Kadans Music, and more.


5. African Safari Party

If you feel like throwing a tropical, or Safari-themed party, Caribbean Music is the only music genre that could make it a genuine one. The reason for this appropriateness is because the major influences of Caribbean Music can be traced to West African Music.

There will be dancing and Kadans Music will be perfect if it is with your family. If you’d like sexier beats then throw in some Calypso Music and Dancehall Music.


6. Carnival Party

          The most appropriate event for Caribbean Music is of course Caribbean Celebrations. By now you should know that Caribbean Parties are not only celebrated in the Caribbeans. People across the globe, most especially in North Americas, organize Caribbean Parties not only to celebrate the Caribbean Heritage but also to have fun. If there was a scale for how fun a party can be, Caribbean is the benchmark for the most fun and most wild.

          Speaking of Caribbean Party,  why don’t you organize your own party?