Dominica Calypso

The Sour Sour Sensation

Sour Sour is the most sort after entertainer in Dominica at this moment.

The “Yaw Yaw” one invaded NYC recently with a bag full of charisma and some jamming road march tunes.

Numusiczone caught up with the “cool pipe” one at the King of Kings Calypso show and now we want to share with you our highlights of his performance and our chat with him.

Rumor has it he was posted back to Dominica after business didn’t go as expected.

Watch the video below.

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  • No

    all bs sour did grate and they did not pay him the other calypso artist wanted more attention thats all there is to it 

  • Missy Gabby

    After a stressful day that video really lightened up my evening….lol!…IT was sad what was done to him, but such is life. Hope he can get another chance again to have fun.

  • Glad you enjoyed it Gabby.

  • Inquirer

    Hey whats happened to the video????? Can’t see it ….