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The Top Soca Music Downloads for 2011, 2012 and Beyond

Ras Shorty - Soca Music

Ras Shorty - Creator of Soca Music

Created in 1963 in Trinidad and Tobago, Soca music is a development of traditional Trinidadian calypso first  created by Ras Shorty. Many people think Soca music was created by blending calypso and soul music. There is a misconception that Lord Shorty called soca ‘soul calypso’. Lord Shorty meant to say that soca was the “soul of calypso” but to make it short he called it “Soca”. This word was derived by blending the first two letters of “Soul” and “Calypso”. The soca music has evolved from a fusion of calypso, cadence and Indian instruments like dhantal, table, etc.

The Evolution of Soca

Soca music has evolved over the years like all other genres. is your one stop for information and everything that one needs related to soca music downloads, calypso music, steel drum music and Caribbean carnival. This includes albums, artists, charts, lyrics, news, radio stations, songs and videos. One can listen and dance to the new and old tunes whenever one wishes to either during Carnival or off-season. There are loads of soca songs to download as well as artist video interviews with the most popular soca artists.

Soca Music Artists

Soca has spread around the world like a hurricane after several crossover hits by the Soca performers Arrow and Kevin Lyttle. The number of soca performers is also very popular. The soca continues to evolve into new musical forms. One can expose the soca songs to the world and help spread the music virally. One can experience the reactions of fans and visitors. There are various sites where one can download the soca music.  Here are some of the best Soca Artists:

The biggest tunes are featured here from every soca music artist as well as steel drum music from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Grenada and Dominica.  The best site to download the soca music is It is really a great way one can stay up to date. This blog is written for all the soca music enthusiasts. This is the portal to soca album downloads, artists, charts, ringtones, songs and videos. One can enjoy the sweet soca music fun.

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