Clint H

Watch Highlights of the Bouyon Connection Concert ft. Royalty, Triple Kay, Clint & Mystic.

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  • Dwriter

    Craig i’m really happy to see someone covering our artist and letting the masses know what’s going on with Dominica music .great job, your documenting reminds me of the early existence of he Bet VJ shows……

    Just one comment, it’s not meant to be negative but i was checking out the artist know as Adbi at 8.28 on the video, and he was just hilarious, LMAO hosting the white party for P-Diddy which is obviously all fabrication, lol i can’t believe you didn’t take that opportunity to request to cover him at the party. I’m very much aware of the Hampton annual diddy white party and there was no Abdi reggae or soca on man group there lmao, it’s just so funny how people love falsely advertising themselves.

    Great job Craig, i’m always looking for new videos from you.

  • Thanks for checking out the videos bro. We have a lot more in store for you. Keep it locked.