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Why Asa Banton is the New King of Bouyon Music.

CRAIG BELLOT:  Welcome everyone to the special edition of NuMusicZone TV. We’re here with Asa Banton, gonna be talking to him about Bouyon music. Now, Asa is blowing up all over the world, in Dominica, in France, in Guadaluope, Matrinique everywhere. This guy has a cure for Bouyon music and we’re gonna be talking with him after the brake.

CRAIG BELLOT: Welcome back everyone, Craig Bellot here in NuMusicZone TV. We’re here with Asa Banton the New King of Bouyon Music. You know, Asa is bringing his new style with us. Really focusing on the lyrics. Trying to bring that movie breaking story telling approach to the Bouyon music and it’s really making some waves. So, Asa you’re here in New York City for the second time. You know, touring, gigs over the place. I mean how does it feel to be here and what kind of response are you getting from the people?

ASA BANTON:   Mine, uhm it feels really good because it really surprises me. You know, like all the Dominicans over here in New York you know, I mean that’s why we have a Dominica reunion because I mean it’s so big. I got a very good response because those people behind my song but they haven’t seen me so; it feels real good for them to see me perform live. They actually chanting my song together and that was the nicest thing about it.

CRAIG BELLOT:  Ok so tell us some other places you’ve been touring besides New York. What are the some of the other countries you’ve been too?

ASA BANTON:   I’ve been to France about five times. Guadaloupe, Marigala , Martrinique, Antigua , I mean that’s where I live you know, Anguilla, I’ve done a bunch of shows all over the place.

CRAIG BELLOT:  Ok so tell us about the French market. You know a lot of people say that the French market is really big for Bouyon. They like the style, they really catching on to the style. What do you feel about the French countries for Bouyon music?

ASA BANTON:   Well right now, the French is really picking it up. If you look now, everybody is singing Bouyon in Guadloupe you know. When I first started I’ve done a lot of shows in Guadluope. There weren’t so much people doing it. But then, I did a couple of collapse with a couple of French guys then “boom” blow up. Everybody is singing Bouyon. When I go to France, everybody is singing Bouyon.. Everybody is singing Bouyon in Guadluope.

CRAIG BELLOT: Ok that’s big man. So, what’s next for you man? How do you plan to capitalize on those markets? Are you coming out with a new album, new songs in the mean time?

ASA BANTON:    Well, yeah like next month, September, I’ll gonna release a couple of songs again. You guys might always raise I know it’s still corny but I’m not a calypsonian, I can’t do that you know. So next month I’ll gonna release a couple of songs again coz I’m on the Creole festival. I’m also Creole in the Parks so it’s huge. And then while I really have coming , I’ll gonna release a lot of videos coz I wanna be different from the artists. I don’t wanna release a song with the video. Release the song, the song makes its name and then I release the video. And the videos will gonna be very exciting because to tell you my songs are like a movie, so just imagine the “Wet Fete” song. * Singing Wet Fete song and chuckles*. You know it’s real nice, real good.

ASA BANTON:    Yeah 3x. This is Asa Banton live in New York City. You’re on NuMusicZone TV so, keep it locked on NuMusicZone if you’re looking on any Caribbean tracks and Asa Banton tracks, go on NuMusicZone and get that. NuMusicZone TV. Boom!

CRAIG BELLOT:  Welcome back guys, Craig Bellot here in NuMusicZone TV. Here with the king, new King of Bouyon music, Asa Banton. Really blowing up in Dominica, blowing up in New York, blowing up in the French market, really taking that Bouyon on to the next level.

So, Asa you mentioned that key be. You know the lyrics of the songs. When you write a song, tell us how you really bring the song to life.

ASA BANTON:    Well, to tell you the truth. I never write a song. I don’t write. I just make the song right of here (pointing to temple). So, what I do is when something interests me and I know it’s gonna catch the people ears. You know, Dominican’s oversees like me, people oversees like me, so you wanna know what’s going on back home.So, what I do, I just put it the exact way it happened. But then I do it in the lyrical form. The rhyme and so on, but I don’t write songs, I just make it up there. So, that’s the way it is.

CRAIG BELLOT: So, who are some of the artist you look up to, you’ve been listening to from since you are young boy. Who are some of those artists you respect in Dominica or in the Caribbean?

ASA BANTON:   Beenie Man, yeah he was the one I was listening to. Skinny Banton and Nayee and those guys you know and even Triple Kay blew up as well. Twins of Twins and Vybz Kartel, those guys I really listen to those guys. That’s the way it goes.

CRAIG BELLOT: Alright, so tell us how was the music scene in Dominica. Do you think do you able to make it without touring around the world. Do you think Dominica is big enough to really sustain that career or do you wanna take it worldwide?

ASA BANTON:   Well, to tell you the truth I wanna take it worldwide but right now, I’m impressed by Dominica because we’re having a lot, a lot of evens. Every village is doing a feast, every village is doing reunion and always doing a lot of activities, everywhere. Everywhere is doing feast like for the entire year. From the time I’ve been to Dominica in February, I did the “Wet Fete” and then right after that.. Shows, shows, shows…Went back to Mardin, went to France and did a couple of shows and back to Dominica and then shows, shows, shows. I’m gonna refuse on shows right now.

CRAIG BELLOT: Ok so for the big time shows like the Creole Festival. What are the some other things you think Dominica can do to promote the show on the worldwide level? To really take it to that next level.

ASA BANTON:  Well uhm, Promotion. Because right now to be honest. The festival is big. After Dominica came out with the World Creole festival now, so many different cultures in the Caribbean came out with their own festival. So as respect the artist on the local artist. They gotta invest in the local artist because I realize something the other day – even though they bring those foreign artists and those big time artists they still need the local band form. If you gonna bring the big artist. They still gonna put WCK on that, they still gonna put Asa Banton with that big artist or Triple Kay with that big artist to really bring them the crowds. So, I just wanna respect the artist.

CRAIG BELLOT: Because this show features a lot of local artist. You know not that many international artists. Do you think that’s a good strategy to build the festival?

ASA BANTON:  Oh definitely, because the festival already make it named. No matter what people gonna come because you know it’s like people already have that in name. “I’m going on for the fest ” So, it’s a good chance and a good opportunity for those local bands for them to make their name because in the festival they have a lot of promoters from overseas and so on. So you never know you could get across.

CRAIG BELLOT: So Asa, you know you’re coming from Grand Bay. I mean, tell us what is your advice for all the young artist that’s coming up in Grand Bay. If they wanna take the music thing seriously,  what can they do to get started?

ASA BANTON:  Well uhm, don’t stop and don’t change. If that’s who you are, be who you are. You know, just do your thing. Basically the Grand Bay, I love that community because they always stay behind me, no matter what. I mean I remember when WCK came to Grand Bay and I was doing a show and WCK were doing a show at the same time and actually flopped them because Grand Bay people will say: “…no I’m not gonna…” you know? Grand Bay likes the real place – the real place. When the army said so that Grand Bay is a bad man’s place, (chuckles) it wars but we are still together. A Lot of people have this thing about Grand Bay because Grand Bay used to have a lot of violence but Grand Bay is also a cultural capital but since like in the late 2002 Grand Bay actually changed. Not much violence on it and it’s all about party, music. If you really want to have a sea warmth and a good time, you have to come to Grand Bay. That’s where Asa Banton born from. South City Grand Bay is a peaceful place.

CRAIG BELLOT: Alright, so what do you think of one of those things that really changed in the attitude. I mean Grand Bay you know, is always known for that violent culture. What are some other things that you think that contributes to the change in the people?

ASA BANTON:  Right now, most of the youths. They get smarter, everybody got bike, house. Everybody’s looking to make that money. Everybody minding  their business, everybody’s doing what they have to do.  And they contribute too as a community. No more violence, no more. It’s all about parties, “you make that money”.

CRAIG BELLOT: Alright, Asa we wanna thank you for joining us today. Guys we wanna urge you to check out NuMusicZone TV for all your latest videos, your latest interviews on all Dominican and Caribbean artist. The best right here in NuMusicZone TV check out for all of Asa Banton music now and in the future. We’re gonna have the latest and greatest for you. So stay tuned to another episode of NuMusicZone TV.

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