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Why Colors May Be Triple Kay’s Best Album Ever (Part 2)

Now you can listen to all the tracks of Triple Kays Colors Album.
Remember carnival Tuesday behind a truck, non stop music, drinks and the band is playing all the right songs?
This album brings back those times and feels like pure sewo from start to finish.  If you’re a fan, you check out this album.
Colors gives you 10 solid full length tracks plus a party mix that will keep you dancing all night long.  The recording quality, compositions, and arrangements are superb.
From the title track, Colors brings you a Machel Montano feel soca style.  Shoulders reminds me of drum song by WCK with its minor intonations.  Myspace, is the first of its kind Reggaeton style piece that is sure to mash up the dance halls.  Sick has a gorgeous arrangement, melody and lyrics.

If WCK were the Bouyon pioneers then Triple Kay, with their latest release, Colors, are at the top of the list to continue that legacy.

Let’s face it, with four excellent past albums, sold out international gigs and an insane Dominican following, Triple Kay has proven themselves time and time again, and this album takes them even higher.

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