Why Cornell Phillip Created Fanatik.

Click play on the video below to go behind the music of the newly created Fanatik Band.

Keyboardist, Entreproducer, and founder of Craig's main focus is to help Caribbean artists earn the most revenue from their music.

  • Ashes

    right now i think fanatik band is Dominica no.1 band.god bless fingers

  • The crowd looked like they favored WCK and Triple Kay during Creole in the
    Park, however Fanatik is coming on strong and has the potential to take

  • Good stuff!
    I wish the video footage could have been from multiple events though to better show the versatility of the band

  • Thanks Trevor. We thought the footage showed their versatility in terms of musical styles.

    Unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to attend any other Fanatik events.