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Why Nobody Cares about Dominica Music.

giphy-1Are we at a standstill musically?

Many think so.

Interestingly, it wasn’t always this way.

Grammacks, Groovers & WCK, were on to something by molding earlier Jing ping, Bele and Quadrille dances and culture around a modern beat.  This worked well for us until these bands broke up or left for greener pastures.

What happened between then and now?  Why is our musical product boring and unnoticeable instead of remarkable and distinctive?

How our friends did it.

Let’s take a moment and look at other types of music.  Jamaican Reggae has made it big not only because of its sweet melodies and simple one drop beat, but also because it spreads a culture of positivity and conscious living.

Similarly, Trinidad Soca is beginning to crossover as well not only because of its danceable tempo and catchy hooks, but because it promotes the Caribbean culture of having fun in the sun with friends and family.

Hip hop has become a mainstay in the U.S. not only because of the head bopping beats but also because the lyrics speak of the reality and struggle of life for African Americans and the wild dreams of a better, more luxurious living.

It’s not just about the music.

Can you see that artists who have successfully painted a picture of a culture, a way of life, through lyrics have been wildly successful in this industry?  Machel Montano, Bob Marley, Luther Vandross have all won awards for their music and have material riches of their choice.  They enjoy the labor of love and peace of mind that results.

In addition to making us dance, everlasting music shows a better way, a bigger future that inspires through lyrics.  If we can inject more of your unique culture in song that attracts others, we can grow the industry exponentially.

Who will take up the mantle and continue spreading the culture?  This is the only way Dominica music can get noticed, again.

Keyboardist, Entreproducer, and founder of Craig's main focus is to help Caribbean artists earn the most revenue from their music.