Why Soca Hunter Won’t Compete In Dominica’s 2011 Calypso Show

With 7 crowns under his belt, “Soca Lollipop” Deryck St. Rose is taking a break from the competition. Early in his career
Hunter landed international tours while other Calypsonians dissapeared after the calypso season. Watch the interview to find out why.

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  • kofi

    great interview Hunter. well i clearly remember the first calypso show we (RSB) backed you up, you were great then until today. Always loved your vibes, a true entertainer.
    Respect for the acknownledgement of RSB; we don't or haven't been getting much credit for our role in Dominica's cultural revolution, so thanks you.
    Keep doing your ting, what's yours is yours.
    Jahs bless.
    Much love craig.

  • Hey Kofi, we'd love to get your take on RSB's contribution to D/ca's culture. Are you in Dominica? US?

  • Par13041735

    Hey Craig Bellot

    Peter Richards bassist residing in NY Dominica and Barbados connection.
    You should get in contact with de Ency he is in NY that would be a great interview people in Dominica have been waiting to see him.

  • Thanks for that info. We’ll add him to our list of interviewees.

  • Sylvia

    Saw this interview on DD site which took me here, great site I can get loads of research for my readio show!

    Keep it up guys!

  • Thanks for watching Sylvia.