Burning FLames

Why we would all love a Burning Flames Reunion


We all have a few favorite bands with such meaning that keeps us listening to these awesome melodies.

But what hurts most is when our favorite artist bands breakup, or are not able to be together for some reason.

The true bonding between a music lover and artist connects the dots of passion towards that music. And, as so often happens in bands, an unpredicted breakup can cause that connection to die.

All that is left after that are their old songs as new ones are not to be expected from the usual band artists.

Burning Flames – Truly Great

No doubt, the popular Antigua Band Burning Flames had its issues in the past. They had some ups and downs, some for personal reasons while others for natural ones, their music is still considered to be one of the critically acclaimed ones in the Soca music genre. They have helped in giving this next to invisible music genre an identity that is still heard if you are visiting the Caribbean island countries. If you ask, why, listen to them? Remember that:

  • The band has rocked Antigua and Barbuda regions for more than 20 years.
  • Hit singles have been lining up since their performance in various genres like funk, calypso, reggae, zouk, etc.
  • Optimism is what you get in their songs, making you rock on those sweet beats.

For your favorite Burning Flames music downloads, you can take a look at this link:

The Pride of Antigua and Barbuda:

In a world where countries with low economic rates, the music artists present in these countries are usually not able to share their music with the world. Investment is too low for many to have these beautiful songs reach the world.

But, even in such conditions the band was able to expand their music to many parts of the world. This evolved the Antiguan music and other similar genres. This certainly certifies how well the band has performed and why music fans would love to see them reunite and perform those legendary tracks once again.

Privileges of the online world allow you to get Burning Flames music downloads and stay connected to them and their undisputed legacy in the music culture. Let’s hope they give fans what they want, but until then you ought to try these hit tracks by them through the above mentioned link.

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