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Original Bouyon Music. Only Found Here.
Bouyon music is the perfect mix of kadans, lapokabwit drumming, the folk style jing-ping, and a quick-paced electronic riddim.
The most popular music of Dominica, the term Bouyon means something akin to "gumbo soup" in the Antillean Creole of Dominica. Bouyon has diversified into many sub genres.

  • Bouyon-muffin is a modern offshoot of bouyon, uses more prominent elements of the Jamaican raggamuffin music.
  • Reketeng is a hybrid of bouyon-muffin and hip-hop, popularized by a Dominican group called Bush town clan during the late 90's.
  • Bouyon-Soca, sometimes referred to as Jump up Soca, is a fusion-genre that blends old bouyon rhythms from the '90s and Soca music.
  • Bouyon hardcore, a popular offshoot within the bouyongwada, a style characterized by its lewd lyrics and has become a hit in Guadeloupe.

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