Top 20 Dancehall Music Downloads

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Energize Your Crowd With These Dancehall Tunes.

Browse the hottest uptempo riddims right here. Whether you need to entertain a large hall or street block, these are the best of Dancehall music to blast through your sound system. Play them as is or between your voice, just like many of the household deejays in Jamaica and throughout the music world.

Dancehall music is by far the most popular music in Jamaica, and has been for quite some time. Dancehall also called Ragga or Dub, originated in the late 1970s. A more sparse type of reggae than the roots style, digital instrumentation became more common in the music. This changed the sound, to digital raggae or "ragga".

Though there are a wide variety of artists and sub-genres present in the dancehall arena, lyrics with R to X-rated content are most popular.

Download these songs and ensure your dance gets to the next level of Caribbean heat.

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